I Am Afraid to Ask, Does Evil Exist?

Emerging from meditation today, I am engulfed with thoughts regarding false God’s. As I begin to write this article I know that I am about to embark on an area that to some of you will be controversial, yet I am compelled to explore where this writing will lead. I was brought up in the Catholic Christian Religion and chose to raise my children in the same, but I did so with a twist. You see, as a young child I became a seeker and was never satisfied with what I was taught in the Catholic schools or during the homily at Mass. I have attended a wide variety of Christian religious ceremonies and have studied their various doctrines. The one doctrine which had me in bondage for many a year wa

Zero Point

On December 16, 2016 I woke from a dream and wrote this post on instagram.........And I was told in a dream, it is like a mathematical equation. "Zero Point". That's the place where healing, multidimensional communication, and truth reside. It's neither above nor below. It's not in the trying nor the conscious absence of trying. It's in the stillness or the nothingness. It's where perfect allowance is experienced. Now wake up and tell them.....welcome to my crazy life after my Reconnection. @thereconnection #zeropointenergy #thereconnection #healing #reconnectivehealingdetroit #reconnectivehealing #lightandinformation Did I read or hear about "Zero Point" prior to that date, I'm not sure, I

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