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Simplify your life game, Love, know that you are a spark of God. Yes, yes, yes when we are in harmony with Spirit we begin to understand tha

The Golden Triangle Faith - Love - Charity

The Triangle of Faith, Love and Charity. Confession time, I am a recovering control freak. In the past, I have caused myself so much unnecessary angst and grief, over details and circumstances in which I never had an ounce of control. Today, with a happy heart, I can say that what I love most about my practice is the fact that I may not ever know the purpose or the outcome of my interaction with my clients. I find it amazingly freeing to just let go and allow. This is a 3 part story about where letting go unleashed a million blessings. Grab a cup of tea, it’s a long one. Back ground information: While living in Caracas, Venezuela in the early 80’s I learned to speak conversational Spanish.

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