PI In the Sky

Happy Pi Day! Last September while sitting at my desk working, I heard a voice in my head say "Go outside and look at the sky". The photo attached is what I saw. I laughed and said to my self, Pi in the sky, and then I heard that voice say to me, "know that your ideas, your dreams, your yearnings to create are divinely inspired". Wow what an awesome visual with an awesome message! To confirm the message I sent the photo to my daughter and asked her what she saw. She didn't see the Pi sign but heard the voice in her head say "whats the thing about pies". Ha, I got a confirmation of my "out-sanity" (my new word for the crazy beautiful messages I get). What I have been trying to do with my

Lessons of a Healer

Have you ever had a roller-coaster week? Riding the highs of personal and/or professional accomplishments and simultaneously discovering the

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