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Ravens Talk "Blind Faith"

This is a story of Blind Faith.

I wrote this story a few years ago; today is the perfect day to share it again. I dedicate today’s Blog to my Son-In-Law, as he continues to learn the art of following his magic, and the ever deepening of his understanding of synchronicities “God’s Whispers”. I love you wholeheartedly.

I see my life journey as unusually eventful with several twist and turns. I have been told by many that I should write a book. Not because I have been blessed with the gift of writing, but because my life experiences have been unusual to say the least. Or maybe my experiences are similar to most humans, but I have been given the gift of seeing the magic in all and I love spinning a good tale about these magical experiences. Though important, this story is not about those twists. This story is about Blind Faith. It is about the art of following your gut. It is about my ever deepening understanding of the synchronicity of all. It is about the number 222 and the path it has led me down.

In 1988 my little family moved to the cutest place on earth, Jamestown, N.C. I LOVED THAT PLACE! This was 10 years after my high school graduation. From the day I graduated from High School up until that point, I had lived in 3 other states and another country. By this time I had been married for 8 years and we had 2 children (boy age 5 and a girl age 3). In this oh so sweet place on earth called Jamestown, we bought our first home; it was a beautiful cape cod. I LOVED THAT HOME! Everything seemed to click and we settled in nicely. My then husband had a great job, just 5 minutes from our home. He seemed to be so proud to have landed that position. He was on cloud nine. I had found a wonderful school for our kids and our neighbors were dripping with southern hospitality. Deep friendships began to flourish. As a bonus to all of this bliss, I was able to work at the school/church where my children went, as well as at a small Christian book store. It was the first time in my life that I began to sense my calling. I was able to explore my spirituality while earning a paycheck and to top it off there were no daycare cost, because I was able to have my kids with me at my place of employment. I LOVED THOSE JOBS.

Just when everything felt like heaven, my husband decided to quit his job. WHAT, WHY, NOT NOW! Not only had he quit his job, he had decided to take a job in the Chicago area. The family would have to move again! Within one month of that decision he left the kids and I in Jamestown and had moved to Chicago. We were left on our own to sweep up the mess from that explosive decision. I was now charged with the responsibility to sell our beautiful home. The housing market in Jamestown was in a slump and we did not get a single bite on our house for over a year, nothing, zip, zilch.

This was a very isolated, fear filled time of my life. Most days I played super mom by day and then cried myself to sleep at night. My fear was so great that I slept with all the lights on in the house trying to scare off the demons that lived in my head. The doubt, the fear, the sheer terror of the unknown future was haunting me.

Then the number 222 came to visit. Every night after crying myself to sleep I would be awaken to the digital clock showing 2:22. When I say every night I mean every night for over a year. I didn’t know what it meant, but I did feel that God or something out there was trying to get my attention. Every time I saw the number 222 I felt at ease. It was a whisper of assurance amongst the screams of fear in my head.

It never occurred to me to research the meaning. “God Google” had not been invented. I lived in the Bible Belt and I don’t think they had books on numerology or angel numbers at the Christian Book Store where I worked, unless it was to denounce the concept as evil. I just said a silent thank you each time I saw it and I held on to that sign instinctively knowing that it meant that everything would be OK in the end. The number 222 now represented Blind Faith!

In December of 1989 I found out that during one of my husband’s visits I had become pregnant with my 3rd child. Desperate and feeling like that this was the last straw, I convinced my husband to move the family to Chicago and to leave our beautiful home behind. It was one of the hardest decisions that I have ever made. Remember I LOVED THAT HOUSE and now we were going to allow the bank to take it over.

On February 10th 1990, we moved to an ugly townhouse in Vernon Hills, IL, a suburb of Chicago, God I HATED THAT PLACE. My heart was broken, I had morning sickness and 2 very disoriented children. To add to the fun my husband left for Puerto Rico for two weeks the day after we arrived in Illinois. There I was alone again, full of fear. “But Wait! There’s More”! Four days after our arrival, Chicago had one of its infamous blizzards. If you live in the area you know that they still refer to that snow storm as “The Great Valentine’s Day Blizzard”. When was this nightmare going to end? Remarkably, through it all the number 222 kept showing up.

On February, 22, 1990, 12 days after we arrived in the Chicago area, I received a call from our real estate agent in North Carolina. She said, we had a firm offer on the house. The offer would cover what we now owed the bank. We would leave empty handed but at least we would not have to go into foreclosure. I was thrilled. We agreed that she would fax me the documents to a local Mail Boxes Etc. I left immediately and drove over to the store to await the fax. At the store I alerted the gentleman behind the counter that I was waiting for the document and took a seat. As I sat there looking around my gaze fell upon a sign where they posted the date. I saw the numbers 2/22/90. I began to cry and then I began to sob. The poor man behind the counter didn’t know what to do. I smiled through my tears and pointed to the sign. It says 222!

222 HAD been God assuring me that things were going to be OK. That lesson in Blind Faith has been the catalyst for my life long search for the confirmation of the energy I call God. The Universal GPS that is available to all of us, guiding us through our walk here on earth. From that day forward I have followed many a number, sign, animal totem, symbol, dream, bug, nothing is too obscure for me to see a connection, a synchronicity, a magical message from the universe. I remain in constant vigilance as to where the next message will come.

The twist and turns, the promises made have all been so rewarding. I look forwarded to sharing with you these tales of synchronicity which I now refer to as “Ravens Talk”.

Mama G

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