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Love Hanging With Like Hearted People

The time is right, I'm gonna do it now! I have been contemplating this for a while and I think today is the day. Has it ever occurred to you how many ways we use the word "MIND"? Well it did occur to me. I decided to write a list of all the phrases I could think of that used the word "mind". If you have been following along with me on my evolutionary journey, my path to my totality, then you know I talk a lot about the heart space. It is my humble belief that the mind is a vehicle to get us from point A to point B in logical terms, but that our heart is the navigator. I console (my word for counsel) others on the need to follow their heart. I advise them to make it a practice to quiet the mind and to listen to the guidance of their heart. So I find it very curious that our language has a million phrases that direct us to the mind. The MIND does not have the ability to "have your best interest at HEART". It is simply the storage unit for memories and learned information. It does not have a conscience, you have to leave the mind to connect to our Source, to understand what is right for you. The mind is not an enemy, though it may be infected by a parasite or false self just like a computer program can become corrupted by a virus. So why has our language given so much attention to our mind. Not sure, but I have come to the conclusion that a possible solution to how we see this world and approach the inexplicable heart ache is to switch the words around. Like in that last sentence, I would use the phrase "mind" ache instead of heart ache. It makes more sense to me. If it is inexplicable it is because our minds do not have the correct information to process it so IT IS a "mind ache". When something is inexplicably good or bad the only way I have found to resolve the conflict that arises within me is to go inward, and to take counsel (console) with my inner truth which resides within my heart space. Next time you have a thought process going on which has caused you to feel heavy hearted, take a moment and touch your heart center. Yeah I mean, literally touch your heart center and leave your hand there. Then ask yourself what is heavy about this or how should I proceed with this. The mind has caused the body to think it is heavy hearted, when it was actually heavy minded. When we step away from the logical and allow our emotional guidance to lead us our hearts become light. I will keep the phrase Light Hearted but I will add Light Minded to it. I strive to keep the luminous, pristine white light flowing down through me, engulfing every nook and cranny of my mind. Illuminating my true nature. This process becomes increasingly difficult if your mind is cluttered with heavy thoughts or mind aches.

“Hear Ye Hear Ye, Ladies and Gentleman I have created a new list of phrases that are to be immediately implemented into your everyday use of the English language. These phrases are now the official expressions to be used by anyone who views and experiences this world from their heart space.”

Wouldn’t it be crazy if I had the power to make a decree like that? For now I will do my best to use language which expresses how I currently experience and relate to my life and our world events using these new expressions . Below is my proposed change to the words or phrases. Take a peak and contemplate for a moment, would changing your phrasing help in re-framing your view on your current situation or view of life?

Don't "Heart" me if I leave you now with a few beautiful excerpts from Don Henley's song "The Heart of the Matter"

Mama G

The more I know, the less I understand, All the things I thought I knew, I'm learning again I've been tryin' to get down To the heart of the matter But my will gets weak And my thoughts seem to scatter But I think it's about forgiveness Forgiveness And the more I know, the less I understand All the things I thought I'd figured out I have to learn again I've been trying to get down To the heart of the matter But everything changes And my friends seem to scatter But I think it's about forgiveness Forgiveness Even if, even if you don't love me anymore

I've been tryin' to get down To the heart of the matter Because the flesh will get weak And the ashes will scatter So, I'm thinkin' about forgiveness Forgiveness Even if , even if you don't love me

Forgiveness, yeah, forgiveness, baby Forgiveness, ohh, forgiveness ahh yeah Forgiveness, ohh, forgiveness Even if, you don't love me anymore Forgiveness, forgiveness Forgiveness, forgiveness Forgiveness, forgiveness

Heart of the Matter (excerpts)- Don Henley

  • A goal in HEART

  • A good HEART to

  • A healthy HEART in a healthy body

  • A load off my/your HEART

  • A HEART is a terrible thing to waste

  • Master HEART

  • Absent HEARTED

  • Always On My HEART

  • Are you out of your HEART

  • At the back of my HEART

  • Bear in HEART

  • Before you make up your HEART

  • Don’t HEART me

  • You better HEART me

  • (all) great HEARTS run in the same channel

  • a frame of HEART

  • a legend in (one's) own HEART

  • a meeting of HEART

  • a meeting of the HEARTS

  • a HEART of its own

  • a piece of HEART

  • all in (one's) HEART

  • anyone in their right HEART

  • be in two HEARTS

  • be of one HEART

  • be of sound HEART

  • be of unsound HEART

  • be out of sight out of HEART

  • blow my HEART

  • boggles the HEART

  • bored out of your HEART

  • bring to HEART

  • call to HEART

  • change (someone's) HEART

  • change one's HEART

  • come to HEART

  • contented HEART is a perpetual feast

  • cross one's HEART

  • do you HEART

  • don't HEART if I do

  • drive one out of HEART

  • enter one's HEART

  • flash through HEART

  • frame of HEART

  • frighten one out of HEART

  • HEART F@#$

  • get out of HEART

  • give (someone) a piece of (one's) HEART

  • go out of (one's) HEART

  • half a HEART to..

  • have a good mind

  • have a good HEART to

  • have a lot on HEART

  • have a HEART as sharp as a steel trap

  • have a HEART like a sieve

  • have a HEART of its own

  • have a HEART of own

  • have a one-track HEART

  • have an open HEART

  • have HEART in the gutter

  • have the presence of HEART to do

  • I don't HEART telling you

  • If you don't HEART!

  • I'll thank you to HEART your own business

  • in HEART 's eye

  • in one's right HEART

  • It blows my HEART!

  • jog the/(someone's) HEART

  • lose one's HEART

  • make up HEART

  • meeting of (the) HEART

  • HEART (one's) manners

  • HEART goes blank

  • HEART one's own business

  • HEART one's p's and q's

  • HEART over matter

  • HEART your own beeswax

  • HEART bender

  • HEART -blower

  • HEART -numbing

  • never HEART

  • never you HEART

  • no one in his/her/their right HEART would (do something)

  • one's frame of HEART

  • one's HEART went blank

  • peace of HEART

  • piece of one's HEART

  • presence of HEART

  • prey on HEART

  • put HEART at ease

  • read someone's HEART

  • slip HEART

  • slip one's HEART

  • sow a/the seed of doubt (in someone's HEART)

  • speak one's HEART

  • state of HEART

  • the HEART boggles

  • the HEART 's eye

  • Travel broadens the HEART

  • turn over in HEART

  • weigh on HEART

  • weight off (one's) HEART

  • You're out of your HEART!

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