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Psssst...... Turn Around

---and I heard…You are responsible for what you Put Out INTO the collective consciousness. Just as you have opened the channel to receive the universal intelligence, you have become a powerful transponder of knowledge. What will you choose to create in the Collective Consciousness?

As with so many of my writings, this article came to me in a vision of sort. I actually see/hear a story on the screen of my imagination. The above quote is how my last vision began. Once again, I will attempt to translate into words the movie of my mind and the Knowing I have taken from what has been given.

I have always been a prayer warrior, but how I accomplish what I consider prayer today is much different than how I was taught or how I expressed prayer before. Today I understand prayer as a vibration or a feeling emanating from my being. What does that mean? Here is a little exercise to help you understand.

Imagine for just a moment, the one thing that brings you immense comfort. Is it a hug, a snuggle from your child or pet, the sun warming your face, or is it a song or melody? We all have something that we find comfort from, a bowl of soup, the perfect cup of cappuccino, the smile of a baby, a walk in the forest or the vista of an ocean. Find one thing, close your eyes, now imagine it and feel it, try to expand the sensation emanating from your mind, your senses and your being. Do you feel it? Poof..... Ahhhh this is what I call prayer!

In my vision I remembered a teaching I once heard, at the moment it eludes me where I read or heard it. It might have been in a Wayne Dyer book. In the vision, I saw myself as the character of this teaching:

The Vision

I am standing, facing a dark dingy wall with a solid closed door; it looks/feels like I am in a cave or dungeon of some sort. The room is darkened and the air has the heavy stench of gloom. I am crying, pleading and waling to be set free. The words, emotions and cries for help are coming from deep within my being. The sense of hopelessness is overwhelming. Part of the despair is the idea that my pleas have not been heard or may never be heard from this deep dark place/space. I am pleading with God to HELP me, but I do not understand how that could even be possible. I speculate that this may possibly be my destiny or eternity. The depths of my despair are oppressive and soul crushing. The weight and gravity of the entire universe is pressing down on me.

I hear/sense someone from behind me say... turn around. I tremble with the fear of what I will see. At least the wall isn’t a scary monster or demon of some sort. So I ignore what I heard and start screaming louder, with more intensity. But the quiet voice continues to gently say “turn around”. I try and drown out the quiet voice and scream DEAR GOD HELP ME! And I hear, “turn around”. The sound of the gentle voice is compelling and something inside me wants to listen.

Oh so slowly, I begin to turn around with my hands covering my eyes. With extreme trepidation I slowly open my hands and then my eyes. Instantly I am immersed in the most powerful, illuminating light. As my eyes begin to focus I see/understand that there is no wall on the other side of the room or this space. There is an open expansion of brilliant white light. The light seems to be coming from everywhere and to everywhere. I feel physically light as if I can fly. The feeling is exhilarating, yet scary. I question myself, How did I not see this before? I must be hallucinating.

Doubting what I was experiencing, I turn back around. The familiarity of the solidness of the wall, the air and the floor are momentarily comforting and I feel safe. Then, again I am overtaken by the feeling of gloom. And I hear….turn around.

The prayers of my youth and younger adult days where prayers of pleading, I would diligently list what I was thankful for and then begin to pound on heaven’s doors for what I so desperately needed changed in my life. I taught my children to pray and to believe in miracles, but what I had forgotten how to do and to teach them was the power of receiving. I now KNOW a different way.

Many times when I am explaining the outcome of my experience with the frequencies of Reconnective Healing, I say, it was as if I was facing one way and then all of the sudden I turned my head and looked the other way. This subtle, yet profound change in my attention allowed me to see a new perspective and life trajectory. I know this to be the beckoning of my inner knowing to turn around and step into what I had been so desperately yearning for. I had found peace of mind, body and spirit.

Earlier in my life, when I was submersed in the gloom and doom, blame throwing and condemnation of my delusional dungeon I was contributing to and amplifying all which I saw wrong in the world. I actually was adding to your pain and the pain of the world. Today I have a deep understanding that I am part of God’s creative force. My reality is constructed by the output of my energy. But I have to go even deeper with this understanding, your reality and the reality of the collective consciousness is affected or constructed by the output of my energy and by all of our energy. Each of us is a unique panel in the quilting of the Multiverse, yet we are a part of the whole.

As I choose to see only love, be only love, walk and talk in love I change my vibration, I experience the vastness of unconditional love of the Multiverse, I am Light and the gravity of this plane is lifted. Now I am able to I immerse myself into deep gratitude and I receive. True Gratitude becomes the conductor of the energetic incoming flow of abundance, love and all that is whole, perfect and good. It is my "comfort" vibration, my prayer. I don’t have to even state what I want/need/wish to change or receive. I just become the vibrational match to the loving embrace of our Creative Force or what I call God and my reality (my perception) and what I will receive will flow in with grace. My inward flow now matches my output.

Now I am ready to inspire you, psssst..turn around, no really, turn around.

May the peace and love that surpasses all understanding surround you today and always. -Ginger


Virginia Adams is a Reconnection-Certified Practitioner and Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner, Intuitive Mentor, Author, Artist and Creator of the Universal Gravity Code Program. Virginia is a well-known motivator and healthcare practice administrator for over 28 years. Her dedication, integrity, and intuitive nature have positively impacted many individuals and healthcare practices around the world. Years ago, Virginia received what she feels was a divine mandate to “Heal the Healer”. Until that moment, she had described herself as a practical and methodical administrator. The seed planted by that mandate sent her on a path of discovery, ultimately leading to the opening of her Reconnective Healing® healthcare practice.

Reconnective Healing® is known to transcends traditional energy healing techniques. It is neither a therapy nor a treatment. People experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing during these sessions.

“Today I stand in immense gratitude for where my life path has guided me. Allow me to participate in your transformation from a fear-based life to one grounded in LOVE. You are LOVE! Tap into your inner wisdom and discover that you are your own expert. I remain honored and blessed” – Ginger

If you know someone who might be inspired by my insights, stories or thoughts please forward this email and tell them to subscribe to my website.

I am grateful for you!

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