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Ginger Adams

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Through many teachings and teachers I have found myself in the auspicious place of knowing my perfection and magnificence. I am over joyed to be connecting with you and sharing my personal conversations with my soul.

I once saw myself as not enough, now I see myself to be created in perfection.

I once knew myself to be shattered, I now know myself to be the whole of my creators magnificence.

I once felt myself disconnected, I now am immersed, know, experience, reflect and reside in the love of my creator.

Through the magic of the internet and of this multidimensional universe  I have clients from around the world benefiting from the unique frequencies found in Reconnective Healing.

Rita Hickman

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Right this moment...I own a cool cultural arts center...I run a rewarding massage therapy practice that helps heal childhood ptsd from sex or physical abuse...alcoholism...trauma etc...It’s so perfect for me...


How cool is that?...


And after decades of studying ancient healing methods including Asian...Oneida...Ojibway and Columbian Medicine, rewiring my very painful childhood and using myself as a guinea pig...I know how to make a great life...And I’ve got thousands of in person and online clients that agree...You can check out what I do at


I would love to get to know you better... Wouldn't it be great to connect?...

Patty Horton

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Patty Horton is a beautiful light worker and she brings her many gifts to us this lifetime. She is a Medium, Trance Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Healing Practitioner and has done most of her work over the last 35 years from her home base in Illinois.


As you will come to see Patty draws from the Divine a healing vibration and can See, Hear and Feel Spirit's presence. It is her passion for this work that becomes evident to those who sit before her for a reading or within the walls of her classroom.


It is the cloak of humility that she wears upon her shoulders that presents itself to the sitter and the student during your time together as she reads from a channeled perspective and teaches from a place of experience. 

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