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Study Group Facilitation

Circle of Love

The security and sense of well-being that comes from participating in a discussion circle is hard to describe to someone who has not experienced it.  The way that the circle’s circumference of safety has allowed me and other participants to explore and grow is unique unto itself.  When several beings sit on points in a plane where their point is equally important to the wholeness of the group a sacred circle is formed.  In this environment a constant is created.  In that perpetual atmosphere of perfect support and security I have witnessed great things happen.  While participating in the perfection of a sacred circle, I am always in awe of the deep trans-formative energy that a group takes on as each individual allows themselves to sit authentically with the support of others. No end no beginning just a continuation of love.

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Community Presentations and Workshops

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"Ginger conducted a women’s circle for me and some of the women in my family.  One word - Amazing  I have never felt so connected with other souls on such a deep level.  She has a beautiful gift of bringing light and love into people’s lives and her essence is so peaceful to be around.  I highly recommend Ginger for rejuvenating your soul."
C Bottino
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