May Circle will be held via Zoom


Monthly Gratitude Circle

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm CT


I am very excited to announce that starting in January 2020

I will be facilitating a sharing group.


We will be gathering together every month to contribute, grow and exponentially expand our gratitude.


I have come to learn that when we build a group of what I call an "Accountability Team" around something of which we want more of or that we are trying to achieve, we tend to be more successful.


Will you be a part of my Gratitude Movement Team?

We will be meeting in person the 4th Thursday of the month, except when a holiday conflict arises.


There is a nominal love offering of $15.00 requested to help offset room rental cost.

No one will be turned away due to inability to pay, please register and indicate your need on the form.


Pre-Registration is appreciated


Missing a month or two won't hurt.


Just make a commitment to yourself to attend when you can.

Join us for a day of exploration into the power within you.


What would it look like, what impact would you have on the people in your life if you discovered a way to tap into the universal reservoir of divine power residing within your being. The journey inside results in peace of mind, focused resolution and the freedom of authentic expression.



Lisa Seyring, Master Healer

Virginia Adams, Master Healer


All participants will receive an individual Reconnective Healing prior to the event. a $150.00 value.


Lunch will be provided



About the Workshop Facilitators


Lisa Seyring

Reconnection-Certified Practitioner

Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner


Is an Emotional Energy Healing Practitioner and Program Coach for the 25-week “Know Your True Self” conscious awakening course. Her current approach is helping others to release emotional pain through the conversational style of Spontaneous Transformation Technique and by BEing in the grace of Love’s frequency through the receivership of Reconnective Healing. Lisa is passionate about helping people to listen for and feel the guidance of Love and to know the wisdom of the Heart.


Virginia Adams

Reconnection-Certified Practitioner

Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner


Is an Intuitive Mentor, Master Energy Healer, and Holistic Business Development Mentor. Virginia is a well-known motivator and healthcare practice administrator for over 28 years. Her dedication, integrity, and intuitive nature have positively impacted many individuals through her writing, workshops, personal, and professional mentoring.


The Art of Allowing

9:00am - 4:00pm

Sunday, March 1, 2020

A Reflection of YOUR Magnificence

A Healing  *  A Painting


Christina paints a reflection of the energy she senses in the room while Ginger facilitates an energy healing session.  The results of these unique paintings are astounding.  Each one has a personality all its own.


Reconnective Healing with an ENERGY REFLECTION PAINTING

Gallery of Paintings

-Limited Availability- 

First Come First Served

Must Pr-Register

Staying Connected


Reconnective Healing Group

March 6, 2020

Our next group will be held on Friday, March 6 at 7:00 pm. We will meet at my home in Grayslake, IL unless the RSVP numbers get too large if so I will look for a larger place to meet. 


If you are anything like me, you love the intensity of the frequencies when participating in a group setting.  We will take time to talk about our RH discoveries, ask for any support with our practices and clients, share about our personal evolution and finally to we will play in the frequencies. Ideas that come to mind are:

  • Meditation in the frequencies

  • Art forms in the frequencies

  • Music in the frequencies 

Do you have any ideas? Bring your ideas, I would love to hear what you would like to explore.

Won't you join us?  I look forward to sitting in the frequencies with you.

Bring a friend whom you think might enjoy our group or forward this email to them.

Is Grayslake too far for you?  I am willing to travel to other Chicagoland sites to hold these groups.  Give me a shout out with your ideas.

Lead by Chris Moses

Sunday, February 9, 6:30-9 pm

State of Mind Yoga Center, 34121 US-45 #8, Grayslake

Cost: $35. Pre-Registration is required (limited space)

You are invited to this powerful special evening of ceremony! My friend and Shamanic Healer, Christine Moses and I will co-lead this amazing ceremony given to Chris by Pathweaver, her native teacher, for healing in a sacred community. Drumming and rattling are ancient ways of centering and creating energy, through the sound and vibration of the instruments. The steady rhythm of the drumbeat offers cathartic healing that aligns with our body, mind, and spirit. With rightful intention, we can ground the drumbeat into our thoughts, and transform them into action and beliefs. Join us in this powerful ceremony where you will receive a drum healing as well as be a participant and witness to others’ healing. The evening will end with a music meditation for anchoring your healing experience.  Join us in creating this sacred space of prayer, spirit, and intention. Bring a rattle if you have one, we have extras. No drum necessary.

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