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the Yes journey


My Journey with Ginger:


1 year ago I was fearful and sad.  I cried when I thought about my future, feeling that things looked bleak and hopeless for me.  I had no direction or balance and I felt that there was no point in seeking help because my situation could not be changed.  I felt trapped in my job and my relationships.  All I could do was feel sorry for myself and go through the motions at work and home, crying and sleeping often as I watched my life tick away.  My mental and physical health were deteriorating and I was in a downward spiral.


My brain knew all the things I have been taught.  I knew I was depressed and I knew I had to do something.  But I didn’t want to pay lots of money for some fancy psychiatrist that I couldn’t relate to who would tell me everything I already knew.  Or who would prescribe some antidepressants so I would be numb and emotionless.


My heart knew I needed something that cannot be taught in a textbook or on a psychiatrist’s couch.  I needed what Ginger had to offer.  Ginger emanates love, acceptance, compassion, gratitude, intuition, and courage.  I decided to begin a journey with Ginger to see if I could acquire some of her fine qualities.  I wanted what Ginger had.


It started with Ginger’s gratitude movement.  I read the “52 weeks of gratitude” book which she co-authored.  There were messages there that I could relate to and made me contemplate my life.  It introduced me to the wonderful world of self-expression through journaling and coloring (who knew it could be fun for adults to color?)!  This book opened my mind to the possibility of helping myself to feel better.


With great skepticism, I decided to join Ginger’s monthly gratitude circle.  I knew I would be introduced to some very foreign concepts such as mindfulness, meditation, and self-care.  Various modalities such as Reconnective Healing, Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Angel card readings, etc. seemed very unscientific.  These things seemed far-fetched and self-indulgent, like I did not deserve to take the time to treat myself to some self-exploration and self-awareness.  I decided to go out on a limb and say “yes” to learning new techniques, feeling I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.  I learned so much…mostly that I deserve to be good to myself and take care of my own emotional needs.  I learned that I am love and I can control my destiny by my outlook on life.  It is my choice to be happy or sad, and even when things are not going well I now have new tools I can use to change my perspective and ultimately the outcome of the situation.  I am more mindful of my own emotional state, and I know how to stop the “poor me” cycle of depression and stress when I see it starting up again.


Then I had a Reconnective Healing (RH) session with Ginger.  Once again very skeptical, I experienced mind-blowing sensations and a feeling of peace and calm that words cannot describe.  I experienced relief from my physical pain that I never thought possible.  I have since had several RH sessions with Ginger, both in person and distance healing.  Each session was different and life-changing.  For me, the energy vibrations create a feeling of well-being and love which helps me let all the worries and heavy baggage go.


I expanded my growth in other areas.  At Ginger’s urging, I became more physically active.  I learned to appreciate the little things in life much more, like a beautiful sunrise, the smell of freshly cut grass, the beauty of a new snowfall or a nice cup of tea.  I try to say “yes” whenever possible.  No excuses.  I now choose my words more carefully when interacting with others, knowing that my words can change others’ lives just as their words can change me.  It all starts with loving myself.  Self-love is contagious.  I now know that if I treat others with love I will receive love in return.  I have learned how to be happier!


Ginger has now authored another book:  “The Universal Gravity Code” – A Guide to Personal and Global Enlightenment.  This book summarizes Ginger’s self-help theories and is a must-read for those individuals interested in reaching their fullest potential. 


When I feel like I cannot cope with a situation I resort to my emotional toolbox for help.  I did not have a toolbox 1 year ago, but now I have a full set of hardware and am prepared for any emotional crisis.  Bring it on!


I am not perfect.  I still have slips from time to time.  But I know I must put myself first and take care of myself, and now I know how to do that, thanks to Ginger.  I plan to continue my journey with Ginger in hopes to grow more.  I now feel excited about my future, knowing that I will be loving and joyful and fearless wherever the road may take me.  I deserve the happiness that I could not envision before I started my “YES” journey with Ginger.

MB, RN 12/2019

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