A “Personal Reconnection” An All In Move

Something you may not know about me is that I like to play Texas Hold’em, and I’m pretty good at it. The game is very much like life. There are the players, the cards being dealt, the chips or investment, the luck of the draw, the bluffing, and the calculating. A million and one metaphors to play with here! Hold'em is known for it's All In Move. If you are not familiar with Hold’em what this means is that you bet ALL of your chips(money or resources). It’s a balls to the wall, or an OK life here I am, let’s see what you got move. You might have seen this move in a movie; the person pushes all of their chips forward, flips their cards over and stands up. This is a do or die move. It is

Just How Big Is This Onion Anyway?

Recently I released a grandiose layer of fear. In doing so I realized that this is quite an onion I've got going here; it must be a Walla Walla Special. An onion of infinite layers, which has the tendency to make my eyes water and whose stink makes my toes curl. First let me explain what I refer to when I speak of releasing fear based beliefs. Several years ago I began a self-exploration of all of the agreements, habits, practices, beliefs and actions that I have embraced over the years while on my spiritual path. Slowly I began to realize that attached to several of these items was a deep, sometimes undetectable idea of not being enough, not being worthy or the denial of an Omnipotent Omnip

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