"You've Gotta Be $&!*%# Me" -Crazy Lane

Where did this all begin? At what point did I turn the corner to proceed down crazy lane? Was it the “Crazy Shaman Healer Dude” who told me I was a Pleiadian healer and that we knew each other and worked together in different life times? No, I think it started before that. I just can not pin point the actual moment that my perspective drastically changed. Maybe it has been a slow process, so slow that it has been completely undetectable. I’m not sure when or how but it has me sitting in front of my computer writing another story. This particular part of my stroll down crazy lane started on a sunshiny afternoon in late September, 2015. I had decided to attend a “Mediumship Demonstratio

Ravens Talk "Blind Faith"

This is a story of Blind Faith. I wrote this story a few years ago; today is the perfect day to share it again. I dedicate today’s Blog to my Son-In-Law, as he continues to learn the art of following his magic, and the ever deepening of his understanding of synchronicities “God’s Whispers”. I love you wholeheartedly. I see my life journey as unusually eventful with several twist and turns. I have been told by many that I should write a book. Not because I have been blessed with the gift of writing, but because my life experiences have been unusual to say the least. Or maybe my experiences are similar to most humans, but I have been given the gift of seeing the magic in all and I love spi

Ravens Talk "Just Do You Boo"

Just do you, boo! Recently I received a very profound message from an “angelic” source. It was truly amazing and life transforming. Crazy right, who would think that lil ‘ol me would be touched by an angel, but I’m here to say it’s true. Well it’s not as supernatural as I have made it out to sound but the message was profound and it changed my perspective during some dark days. Recently I have been questioning just about everything. You know one of those slippery slide episodes. For me it usually starts with a significant realization, what I call a “LOVE” awareness or when I have boldly stepped into my magnificence. You know you are climbing the ladder feeling pretty spunky about how y

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