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Ravens Talk "Just Do You Boo"

Just do you, boo! Recently I received a very profound message from an “angelic” source. It was truly amazing and life transforming. Crazy right, who would think that lil ‘ol me would be touched by an angel, but I’m here to say it’s true. Well it’s not as supernatural as I have made it out to sound but the message was profound and it changed my perspective during some dark days.

Recently I have been questioning just about everything. You know one of those slippery slide episodes. For me it usually starts with a significant realization, what I call a “LOVE” awareness or when I have boldly stepped into my magnificence. You know you are climbing the ladder feeling pretty spunky about how your life is progressing. Feeling like you just might reach the top of the world and then there it is the slippery slide. Sometimes the decent is super-fast “swish” and other times it is a slow leg sticking painful ride. This particular decent was one of those and I found myself stuck. Not able to loose myself to climb back up and holding on for dear life so as not to slip any further. The specifics to the events that lead to this predicament really are insignificant. Let’s just call them a “mal-adjustment”. I had slipped into fear. Fear of who I had become, fear of who I should become, fear of who others thought I had become, fear of who others thought I should become. I had a million you should do this, you shouldn’t do that going round and round in my head.

Just 2 weeks ago I was at the top, looking back at all of my accomplishments in the past year. I had been feeling very Lion-ish. I had been celebrating my perfection and my magnificence and celebrating the conquering of fear. Then swoosh, I was on the slippery slide of fear again. I am amazed at how sneaky fear can be. The false self, ego, parasite or shadow self comes slithering in undetected and wham-o you are on the slide of descent. But STOP! Haven’t I learned how to recognize and counter act the invasion and decent. Indeed I have. It’s called support (thank you Sue Paige and Pathways). I have learned to turn to family, friends, guides, angels, and my higher source. I can stop the decent with a simple plea for help and the acceptance of that help.

I say “simple” plea for help, but for me it is the most difficult thing to do. You see I have spent a lifetime being the supporter. I am the backbone that others depend on, the calm in the storm or the peace keeper. So I wallowed for a bit and then I reached out. I talked, I prayed, I meditated and I connected with nature. Then the message came.

During a significant breakdown where I was questioning everything even my healing practice, my husband looked me in the eye and asked do you believe in your healing? The answer was yes, the answer has always been yes, that is the one thing that I do know. I was led to Reconnective Healing precisely because of its foundation; the stepping into pure love and away from fear. Reconnective Healing is founded in light and love. It steps away from fear, lack, limitations, the illusion of separation, the need to control and/or judge. Reconnective Healing is not just about healing on a physical level it is about life progress. There is no room for fear in the knowing that there is a greater power than I to conduct the healing. I am merely the facilitator and the catalyst. My husband looked at me again and said then “Just Do You Boo”! You see his daughter “Angelica” had helped him recently through a rough patch with the simple statement. “Just Do You Boo”! and now he was saying it to me.

Wow, could it be that simple? Yes it can. When I sat with this message, prayed on this message, walked with this message, talked about and shared this message. It became crystal clear. The only true way for me to continue ascending is to be the most authentic me that I can be. My Authentic self, the self, created in the likeness of my creator is one of pure love. I am light, I am love.

I had allowed the smoky mirror of this world dim my vision but behind all the veils my magnificence shines. When times get tough, when you doubt your direction remember the “angelic” words “Just Do You Boo”.

Virginia Adams is a Energy Healthcare provider. She is a Reconnection-Certified Practitioner and Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner. Virginia is full of passion for her work and her mission of helping others to tap into their perfection and magnificence. Reconnective Healing is known to transcends traditional energy healing techniques. It is neither a therapy nor a treatment. People may experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing during these sessions. For additional information visit or email at

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