The Gloves Come Off - A Look at the Transformation of Death

Every thing is Energy. This seems to be the buzz statement of the decade. So I might as well continue that thought process. If we go with the thought that everything is energy, then we are just that; a big ball of energy moving from place to place. In this dimension we have a body to cloak this energy. I remember hearing someone explain it to a child like a hand in a glove. The energy (spirit) fills the glove up like the hand, but the hand (spirit/energy) is not the glove and the glove is not the hand (body). When it is time for the energy to move on it just simply pulls away from its shell (the glove) and moves on. Today I was pondering the space that is left behind when a loved one transit

Reclaiming the Directorship of Your Life - The Imperfection of My Perfection

I Just LOVE that every email, post and article I send out, seem to have a typo of some sort. It definitely is not on purpose, this happens after reading and rereading something a gazillion times. It just cracks me up! It is so refreshing to embrace the imperfection of my perfection, my "humanis". You see not so long ago I was paralyzed by such a thought. The idea of creating or being something or someone that subjected me to judgement made me absolutely sick. I had not allowed my inner director to step into power. For 75% of my life I allowed what I perceived as others opinions and so called judgements to give me the excuse to hide. I used that internal excuse to not express myself artistica

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