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Reclaiming the Directorship of Your Life - The Imperfection of My Perfection


I Just LOVE that every email, post and article I send out, seem to have a typo of some sort. It definitely is not on purpose, this happens after reading and rereading something a gazillion times. It just cracks me up! It is so refreshing to embrace the imperfection of my perfection, my "humanis".

You see not so long ago I was paralyzed by such a thought. The idea of creating or being something or someone that subjected me to judgement made me absolutely sick. I had not allowed my inner director to step into power. For 75% of my life I allowed what I perceived as others opinions and so called judgements to give me the excuse to hide. I used that internal excuse to not express myself artistically or basically in any way that might draw judgement. The insanity of it all was that I have never been protected from judgement. No matter what we are doing, where we are working, what we are saying, how we are walking, what we are eating, what we are wearing (you get the picture) we are always being judge by our inner judge and by others. In this time and space, under the constraints of this dimension or illusion you will not find perfection so all must be judged as imperfect.

Ahhh, but when we dare to join our creator in the knowing of our innate magnificence and perfection we can finally let go or shut down the inner judge and reclaim the directorship of our lives. This one is for my loving husband and my dear friend who I cannot mention because of feared judgement. I crack myself up!

My husband and I are blessed by the time we sit and chat. We process what is happening in our lives, the lives of our loved ones, the world and our own inner dialogue. We find love and support in these conversations. He likes to say we chat about "The Human Condition". During one of those conversations he said "you gotta ask; Who is Directing Your Life"? What a profound question. So as I do, I have been mulling it over.

The following has emerged from that conversation. It is a work sheet for a little soul reflecting; a peek into your human condition. There are no right or wrong answers. No judgement is needed and please feel free to add your own categories. This is just a way to take a look at what and/or who might truly be directing your life. I will get you started with a few of my own struggles.

Who is Directing Your Life?

Work: boss, coworkers, industry, rules, education ___________________________________________________________________________________

Relationship: self, spouse, partner, children, boss, colleagues, friends, enemies, parents, coworkers, animal, family unit ___________________________________________________________________________________

Religion: rules, leaders, teachings, books, gurus, diversity, false prophets and/or teachings ___________________________________________________________________________________

Media: memes, world news, social media, likes or no likes, photos, selfies, books, pod cast, must see TV, binge watching, gaming ___________________________________________________________________________________

Money/Wealth: not enough, how to get more, too much, how to handle, where can I get more, retirement, charities _________________________________________________________________

Body Image: positive or negative, weight loss or maintenance, exercise, teachers, clothes, aging ___________________________________________________________________________________

Negative Inner Dialogue: ego, pain body, past memories, I can't, I won't, I don't know how, I shouldn't


Substances: food, alcohol, medications, supplements, gluten, illegal substances, sugar __________________________________________________________________________________

OK so you took the time to play this game with me. Did you notice that even writing these and/or reading them throws you into judgement of self and others. For me, it is super easy to get all "judgie" and see this in others.

Folks talk about Judgment Day, I believe that we are living Judgement Day. This world, this illusion, our existence in this time and space is ALL about judgement. What if there was a way to wake up. To see judgement for what it is; to step into and reclaim the directorship of your life. There are many writings, many teachings, many prophets and many paths to this knowing.

By this point, you may be screaming "WHAT WHAT WHAT", "how can we do that"? The answer is simple; we have already arrived at perfection because of our mere existence and creation from love. Stop for a moment and let that sink in. We have already arrived at perfection because of our mere existence and creation from love! The resurrection has already happened, the savior has already saved us, judgment day has already happened, we just have to remember and allow. Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs are (if you have any) it is based on the fact that our creator is perfect. You are an expression, an expansion and a reflection of that perfection. If this is true, then there is no better director of your life than your inner knowing, your inner connection to that heart. You were created in love, allow yourself to direct your life from that heart-space. Love yourself enough to trust the "Imperfection of Your Perfection". Let it rip, make all the mistakes you want, I won't judge and if I do, it won't matter because you now are the one directing your life.

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