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The Story of Emi Empath - An Inner Children's Story

The Story of Emi Empath

She was born a beautiful, content, sweet fuzzy baby. Probably the most content baby to ever grace the earth.

She hardly ever made a sound, but when she did, what would come out of those precious pink lips was the sweetest of coos.

The coos quickly developed into outright giggles. No baby had ever giggled so often or so loud. Mama Joy reveled in her silly baby Emi. How could she have been so blessed with the gift of such a sweet, sweet pea as this? Often you would find the two of them playing with the tickly sparkles of creativity, singing, dancing, clowning, and belly laughing, with oodles and oodles of giggles. Emi experienced her world in magnificent colors, with glitter, rainbows, and sunshine as Mama Joy delighted in her creations. As Emi grew, numbers and ABCs didn't seem to interest or make much sense to her. But navigating the world through colors did. As often happens, the years went by and little by little, Emi started to notice more murky grey slipping into her world. Emi didn't understand where it was coming from. Nor could she stop the grey invasion from dulling her vibrant colors, dimming her sparkles, and washing away her rainbows. One day, Mama Joy noticed the color being washed away from her sweet Emi's cheeks. Where had her silly fuzzy creative Emi gone?  For a moment, Mama Joy began to slip into Mama Sorrow. "Well, this has got to stop, NOW," Mama Joy exclaimed, and in an instant, she decided to take immediate action. Mama Joy would have to send sweet Emi Empath away to learn about all aspects of light and dark. Emi would have to experience the darkness so that she could remember and understand the light. Mama Joy had once been sent away to the Cosmo School. She was hopeful that by sending Emi away, she would remember the tickly sparkly joy-filled space of creation. Emi cried and cried as Mama Joy explained to her that she would be going away to school. Through mournful cries, Emi pleaded, "Why, Mama, why?  I want to stay here with you. I want to stay snuggled under your protective wing." Oh so gently, Mama Joy pushed Emi away as she said, "Emi Girl, you are off to learn the mastery of your energy-field. I, too, had to learn this lesson." Mama Joy continued, "Emi, eventually, you will see that there is always a need for the light and the dark. Creation is made of both." “Without the darkness of the midnight sky, you would never have experienced the sparkly twinkle of the stars. The dark of the evening silhouette magnifies the glorious radiance of the sunset colors.  And the grey clouds of rain bring the splash of a rainbow.” Emi left Mama Joy that day and was gone a nanosecond that felt like an eternity. Her sweet Emi girl never returned, but the most magnificently colorful flower child came in her stead. Though many could not see it, Mama Joy could see that the beautiful, content, sweet fuzzy baby was inside of this new Emi. The life lessons that Emi Empath brought back from the cosmos are written within the creative art she now expresses to the world. Just in case you need an interpretation, I have included them here. Emi Empath’s Kaleidoscope of  Life Lessons:

  • If you feel like you have too much grey, play with more colors.

  • When evening falls, objects lose their color to give homage to the vibrant colors of the sunset. Sometimes we gain more by allowing others to shine.

  • Life always has contrasts.

  • If you did not have the deep dark black skies of night, you would never be able to see, feel, and perceive the luminescent brilliance of the sparkly stars.

  • Not all nights are dark – leave room for the moon to shine through.

  • There is immense power in the darkness of a thunderstorm. It is not to be feared, but to be celebrated.

  • Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring power of the universe.

  • If you feel sad, paint (create), if you feel happy, paint (create), if you feel angry, paint (create), if you feel silly, paint(create). 

  • Never fear the expression of self, and the variety of emotions of the day will bring. All aspects of self are a part of your creative force.

  • In the box of crayons, all participants are equally important to the process of creation.

  • Wash your brushes, clean your pallet, and dump out your stale water. Each day is a new painting. Don't muddy it with yesterday's mess.

  • You are the creator of your masterpiece. Do Not Allow others to scribble on your page.

  • Finally, you can always return to Joy's embrace.

The End of the beginning and the beginning of the End.


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