Go To Your Room! - A Pandemic of Fear

A global “TIME OUT” … Alright now, alright now, I have had just about enough of this.  I want you all to go to your respective bedrooms for little time of reflection. I want you to think about your recent behavior and see if you can find a better way to interact with your global family. This is how my mind’s eye sees our current state of affairs.  A big ‘ol time out for all of humanity.  Some of us will go kicking and screaming to our bedrooms, some will be guilt-ridden with should of and could of and then there will be those of us who relish in the opportunity to pull out our art supplies, dust off some books, clean our space and to basically enjoy a time of self-reflection.  As with everyt

Heal Yourself, Heal Others

... The interesting part is, as I chalked up my accomplishments and climbed my personal corporate ladder I was abandoning myself.

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