God Doesn't Mind

Today my thoughts took me to the place where I was making a list of all of the RE-words our language uses on a frequent basis. The idea is that we do something that has already been done. Let’s take a look at this list: RE-Member(ing) RE-Awaken(ing) RE-Emphasize RE-Iterate (spoken) RE-Direct RE-Generate RE-Act (ion) Re-Create (ion) RE-Sound (resonance) RE-Verberate (vibrate as in echo or frequency) RE-Unite (or union) RE-Aligned RE-Connect Let me repeat what I said above, We Do Something That Has Already Been Done! What my spiritual studies have lead me to Know is that our particular state of being is one of forgetting who we are and what has already transpired or WHAT IS. No matter what

Knowing Your Knee Jerk Reaction - I Am Loved

What is your knee jerk reaction to crises or a 911 situation? Does it change based on the scenario, the people involved or the roll you are playing at that moment? This weekend I had the opportunity to watch myself again in this situation. Sometimes I think that I have had too many of these moments in my life. Each time I experience one, it is as if I re-experience them all. For me, this has its positive and negative aspects. What I mean by that is I am able to draw strength and know-how from my previous experiences, but if I am not careful I can also step into intense fear. When I was 8 years old, I witnessed my younger nephew (yes nephew) get run over by a car and critically injured.

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