Who Turned The Freaking Lights Out?

Who turned the freaking lights out again? Can anyone tell me where the On/Off switch is? I am standing in complete darkness and I can’t seem to find the switch. I’m not sure how I got here but it sure would be nice to find the switch to illuminate this joint again. Does this sound familiar? For the past couple of weeks my daughter and I have been musing over the On/Off switch. How is it that you can find yourself in the most beautifully powerful glorious place of magnificence and perfection one moment and the next the moment the power goes out and you are once again standing in darkness, then you turn around and the lights go back on? On Off On Off On Off Up Down Up Down. It’s like a two

RAVENS TALK "Dr. Jackal and Madam Hide"

Dr. Jackal and Madam Hide I write this with the premises that my life is my creation or my illusion. I say this with the foundation that I create situations and experiences which ultimately allow me to remember my innate perfection, magnificence and oneness to all. If this is true then even those "Oh So" difficult experiences (grey clouds) have a pristine lining, not a silver lining, but a display of bravura pure white light. My ultimate goal is to remember this when I am faced with physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual challenges. This entry is about finding that radiant light amidst my FIERY darkness. I am an Aries which means that my personality traits and characteristics should

An Irish Angel Message

I have often wondered why I (Woman) will spend hours reading, meditating, discussing with peers, pondering and researching to finally have a profound AH HA moment. I will take this new knowledge and run to my husband (Man) and say OH MY I just had an epiphany about, blank, for him to look at me like, “Well Yeah”! You didn’t know that". Or the exact opposite may happen, I (woman) have been trying to explain a concept or to share the way that I see the divine to have him give me a look like “What In The World” are you talking about. This story is about the night that Woman got the “What In the World” are you talking about look. Man had arrived home before Woman. Man being a very thoughtful man

The Art of Self-Promotion - Ouchie That Really Hurts

You care more than I do…………….. That simple statement rocked my world. It opened up a huge gap within me. At first it hurt as do all of my good consciousness shifts. Those words were spoken to me by someone I love and care for very much. As those words sunk in, I mean really sunk in they made me think. Has that always been my issue, my cross, my teacher? Have I put so much energy into caring for others, who simply don’t care as much as I do? This has showed up in every aspect of my life. You would think that would be a good thing, right. Wrong, it is depleting, spirit killing and plain ol’ exhausting. Like a lightning bolt, it hit me! If I had put as much care into myself as I had oth

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