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RAVENS TALK "Dr. Jackal and Madam Hide"

Dr. Jackal and Madam Hide

I write this with the premises that my life is my creation or my illusion. I say this with the foundation that I create situations and experiences which ultimately allow me to remember my innate perfection, magnificence and oneness to all. If this is true then even those "Oh So" difficult experiences (grey clouds) have a pristine lining, not a silver lining, but a display of bravura pure white light. My ultimate goal is to remember this when I am faced with physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual challenges. This entry is about finding that radiant light amidst my FIERY darkness.

I am an Aries which means that my personality traits and characteristics should typically be confidence, fiery, bold, spontaneous and independence. If you were to sit with me for a while you would not feel that type of energy from me in the slightest. I typically bring a very calm, flowy energy to most conversations and encounters. If you ask an astrologist (thank you Damian) they would say I have a lot of water in my chart, which I guess cools my fire. But on a few rare occasions the fiery- bold-confident self comes out. I now channel that passionate fiery being when I am facilitating a workshop or telling my life story. This side of me has now pushed me to new levels of expression and confidence. I am learning to embrace this facet of my diamond self.

As in all things there is a bit of negativity to that fiery self. Very few people have truly experienced my FIERY (fiery with a negative connotation) Aries attributes or energies. They don’t show up very often. But when they do, watch out! I am not proud of the fact that there are individuals who have experienced this side of me; in fact because of who I am I tend to beat myself up over any remotely negative interactions. If we go back to my initial premises than I am asked to embrace these encounters or circumstances as creations to allow myself to heal, remember and return to a oneness mentality.

As I reflect on the circumstances or incidences that have led to all of my FIERY outbursts each one has revolved around one of the following situations.

  • Someone/something is questioning my integrity or the integrity of a loved one.

  • Someone/something is verbally or physically abusive towards me or another human being.

  • I am faced with a person who has the following idiosyncrasies: Hypocrisy, Duplicity, Fraud, Deceit, Dishonesty, Pharisaic, and Unctuousness.

So, those sound like things to get FIERY about right? I’m not so sure. In every one of the incidences where my FIERY self showed up, I always had the opportunity to choose LOVE. Becoming indignant, angry, allowing escalation of negative emotions, yelling and then my favorite writing someone completely off are not a reflection of my magnificence, my perfection or my oneness to LOVE. What I had done by allowing my FIERY self to appear is to add to the pool of pain and fear. Every one of those ideas listed above are from a fear based mentality. The individuals or circumstances involved are created in the same divine likeness as me. So this leads me to ask myself “What will I choose”.................

I stop, right here, right now and breathe in LOVE, I touch my heart and I ask that beautiful inner knowing what it would do if faced with any of those FIERY situations. The answer is quite simple. I know, that I know, that I know, that my return to magnificence, my return to perfection, my return to love is the absolute knowledge that this is all an illusion and that only LOVE resides here. Today I choose the trans-formative energy of love and I will put the past to rest.

To all of those who have experienced my FIERY self I say In God’s name, I am sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, Thank you. I see the divine in you, “Ho’oponopono”

Standing in the luminous display of bravura pure white light

Mama G

Just for fun………. Jackal Totem Medicine

Guardian — Honour — Respect — Opportunity Sharing — Life, Death & Re-birth Cycles — Peaceful Solutions

Journeying with Jackal will take you into the understanding and wisdom of your great social gifts while you work with expanded awareness in group conscious situations. In Egyptian times the Jackal was held in high esteem for its special healing powers. Anubis, the jackal-headed god and guardian of the afterlife, stood between the realms of life and death and was, therefore, responsible for re-birth too.

Today, Jackal is the totem for those on the spiritual path who wish to move away from their old way of life. Jackal calls to you to hunt a new way, new growth, a new life. Let Jackal be your guardian in a meditation that takes you from a farewell to the past through to an entry into new beginnings and light. Jackal’s connection to the afterlife is likely to have been derived from its habit of digging up bodies from graves along the Nile. Jackal was thought to lead the souls of the dead into the afterlife, and release the body from its past life so that new life could be birthed.

Jackal is often considered anti-social because of its opportunistic hunting of food from any available source. This calls you to check on behavior that could be considered anti-social. Are you encroaching on anoth

er’s rightful space and truth, or is someone encroaching upon yours? Is it time to stand aside from outmoded social patterns and attitudes and allow change to emerge within you?

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