I am not a scientist, physician or physicist. I am just a simple minded human being who has been tasked with questioning the status quo of my current experience in this space and time. Allow me to rock the boat for just a moment. It is my opinion that it is a misnomer to call several so-called healing modalities "Healthcare" be it holistic or traditional western medicine. If these modalities where named truly to represent what their objectives are they would be named "Sickcare". I understand that there have been great strides to promote healthy lifestyle and wellness care, but the very foundation of some of these modalities is to treat the sick and their business acumen is based on keeping t

The Elusive Presence of Joy

I have been guided to write about a subject matter that I find a bit painful to convey. The idea of this article has been churning in me for some time now, but I had to muster up the courage to look at, feel and move through a few dark places in my psyche. Not that I don’t love a good deep self-examination, but it is a hard to find the words to express/describe it and then to share it takes a whole new level of “big girl britches”. So as I stand in my power I will proceed knowing that inner my guidance system has never failed me. What is joy? Who is joy? Where can I find joy? Is joy a feeling, a creation or a state of being? Can joy be given to me or can I give joy to another? Who asks

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