Conga Line to LOVE

The last thing I should be doing at this very moment is writing....but I just can't help myself. Yesterday I participated in a process where I was lead to not only SEE*FEEL*TASTE*SMELL*HEAR *EXPERIENCE the end result of my highest vision for my life's experience as perfection and a Divine Spark, but was also asked to deeply tap into the WHY. I am not sure I had every truly asked my self why I want what I want. So this morning as I spent time in quiet contemplation I not only saw the end result but I completely immersed myself in the WHY!. The vision that came through was me leading a CONGA LINE through the brilliant portal of Divine Love. My WHY is to have you know without a shadow of a do

Back to Square ONE

If my life could be depicted as a game of chutes and ladders, I would say that today I found myself back at square one. How did that happen, wasn’t I almost to the winner’s circle of enlightenment. Hadn’t I climbed my ladders and learned from my slippery slide down the chutes? How has the last 10 months of my life brought me back to this place, feeling like I am about to start the game all over again? Feeling like some HUGE adventure into the unknown is just one dice throw away. I found myself back to experiencing those age old thoughts and feelings that use to plague me regarding my life purpose. I say experiencing because all thoughts have their emotional charge, the sensations and/or

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