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I am not a scientist, physician or physicist. I am just a simple minded human being who has been tasked with questioning the status quo of my current experience in this space and time. Allow me to rock the boat for just a moment.

It is my opinion that it is a misnomer to call several so-called healing modalities "Healthcare" be it holistic or traditional western medicine. If these modalities where named truly to represent what their objectives are they would be named "Sickcare". I understand that there have been great strides to promote healthy lifestyle and wellness care, but the very foundation of some of these modalities is to treat the sick and their business acumen is based on keeping the person in treatment or keeping them "not well". Ouch did I just write that? Stick with me here, I will try to explain where my line of thought is going. My intention is not to in any way shape or form demean the gifts of any profession. I just gently ask for us all to open the scope of our perception if only for a moment.

Ponder if you will for just a second, what if we have been lied to, cheated and misguided about our intrinsic ability to heal. What if this lie is so vast and so encompassing that it has infiltrated our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves? What if our bodies are already encoded with a natural ability to heal and regenerate? What if this lie has actually shut down the "Healing" DNA or encoding we are equipped with. What if the "Healing" answer was simple?


I know there are a lot of "What Ifs" in that last flow of consciousness, nothing is founded on a scientific study nor have I spent the last 20 years in deep research. No claim to academia here. I'm just musing about the "What Ifs".

Something within me, some deep knowing says that my "What Ifs" are close to correct, maybe not completely correct but are getting to the heart of the matter. I mention Heart because I have come to know that there is a knowing that resides within my Heart Center that actually is waiting for me to give it permission to reconnect to the "Healing Encoding of my DNA" which lies dormant within me. Ahhh there it is the word "Reconnect". What if all healing modalities moved to the foundation of "ReconnectionCare"? What if their objective was to reconnect you to your innate perfection where in lies your intrinsic ability to heal yourself? Who knows better what the root cause of your ill is, who knows better what experiences, substances, or emotional releasing will serve you best? YOU do, YOU have that information within your DNA.

I have found this "ReconnectionCare" through what science calls the Reconnective Healing Frequencies. I believe my inner knowing was activated through the gift of my first Reconnective Healing session. I have learned to embrace that inner knowing, I trust myself to ask my intrinsic self what is needed to heal each ill that I am encountered with. Sometimes I need support from another provider, sometimes I need sunshine, food, water or simple rest. I am now very careful to choose providers who guides me back to my inner knowing, those who have the same or close to the same, beliefs or foundation as I.

This is not to say that Western Medicine and Holistic Healthcare do not have a place in this scenario. They do! First and foremost it is important to connect to your inner knowing. You may ask, How Do I Do That! Some find it in meditation or spiritual practices, others through life altering experiences. Personally, I found it through the gift of Reconnective Healing, which led me to become certified and to facilitate this advanced form of energy healthcare. Next step is to embrace that it is your personal responsibility.

  • Does this line of treatment honor my inner knowing, my innate ability to heal and rejuvenate?

  • What is the end goal of my treatment?

  • Does this provider financially benefit from me continuing to be ill; if so is that their motivation?

  • Does my provider uphold the Hippocratic Oath? (If you are not familiar with the wording I suggest that you read the original and modern version)

I humbly thank you for taking a few moments to ponder my "What Ifs".

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