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Lessons of a Healer

We are not our story; we are the strength or the inner power behind our story. We are the orenda, the mystical force which empowers us to move through our stories, injuries and traumas and obtain the spiritual lessons they contain. We are one with Source energy or what I call God.

Have you ever had a roller-coaster week? Riding the highs of personal and/or professional accomplishments and simultaneously discovering the lows of your continued destructive patterns, or remnants of past stories. It never ceases to amaze me that my high points in life always seem to be accentuated by my inner battle to wholeness or what I like to refer to as my “Gravity Code” or loops.

What’s a “Gravity Code”? A gravity code or loop is a term I have coined to describe a pattern known or unknown which keeps me planted as in “pinned” to the concept of “GRAVE TIMES”. Just as the earth's gravitational pull keeps us pinned to the earth's surface. This loop or encoding is what will inhibit me from rising up and flying to new levels of love and experiencing my coexistence with the vibration of unconditional love or my Source. These loops are born from the seeds of the human condition, from our stories, injuries and traumas.

One of my personal “Gravity Codes” is one that will show up in a million different ways to demonstrate to me why I am not worthy. Sometimes these are huge plummets, like the first drop of a roller coaster and some are subtle “woop de doos” of bump, after bump, after bump. Weeeeeee (ugh I think I’m going to throw up). Part of my personal evolution has been to become acutely aware of when I slip into times of self-doubt or self-sabotage. This heightened awareness helps me to stay on track and to continue to move forward on my life purpose path, even when it feels uncomfortable. This past week I was in full awareness of my "unworthy loop".

For some it is easier to stay behind the veil, experience the effects of self-doubt or self-sabotage and allow it to hold you back from moving forward with your innate magnificence. The wounded psyche tends to feel more comfortable in this space of denial. The problem with staying here, in denial and not expressing your authentic self is that you will experience dis-ease on all levels. As I have said a million times, you/we are created in Love, Perfection and Magnificence. When you can’t, won’t or are unable to see this fact, you place your self into misalignment with your Source energy and you become a mismatch. The effects of this are always destructive to our being on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Back to my roller coaster week… I had a week where I stepped out of my, “oh so” cozy comfort zone and did seven, yes seven videos for Facebook regarding gratitude. My normal wheel house is face to face and I love one on one. In fact I really just joined Facebook a few years ago, I didn’t interact that way. This past weeks amplification and expansion of me was huge. In that same week span I sat in 3 live Gratitude Circles, went to a Writers Workshop, facilitated many Reconnective Healing sessions, met with a new Practice Mentoring client, experienced an amazing “unexpected” session with a gifted healer, which helped me see the correlation of many of my life experiences and then for the grand finale, I was given the final approval link to my new book, “Healer: 22 Expert Healers Share Their Wisdom To Help You Transform”. Compiled by Kyra Schaefer, Published by As You Wish Publishing, LLC.

Whooooo Hooooo riding up the big hill of expansion with my arms waving in the air.

Then I saw it, felt it and knew it on a cellular level. I had been overlooking a deep seeded “Gravity Loop” playing out in the background of my life story. This loop has recently been amplified in a few of my professional and personal relationships. I won’t bore you with the details, but I will say that for me, as a “Healer”, friend and companion it is very easy to slip into a co-dependent relationship. This is one of the reasons that Reconnective Healing resonates so highly with me. As Reconnective Healing practitioners we remove ourselves from the story and outcome, we simply play with and share the frequencies and allow them to do what is intended for that person at this time. It frees both parties, the healer and the healed from co-dependency.

Intuitive Mentoring, Professional Coaching and Practice Management Consulting are a whole other ballgame. It requires extreme professional and emotional maturity to stay out of the story. This is really challenging when you have a deep love for the practice or person you are working with. I thought I was pretty good at keeping the separation, and then last week I became aware of a pattern. I am sure that no one else was aware of the pattern, because it is my internal loop, my gravity code to self-sabotage and a way to keep me small.

Even though my awareness of the loop felt like a slap in the face, I am eternally grateful for what was shown to me. My “AH HA”, my way to keep myself on track and to be in integrity with others and myself is to be authentically me at all times. I must express myself in the most honest and loving way at all times. No matter what! I need to walk away when there is a misalignment and dive deeper when I am called to do so. No playing small or pacifying myself or others. I am comforted by the knowing that I have come here to do my work, with my gifts. Some will be expanded by the interaction and some will not, but I will always raise to a higher level of love when I choose to love myself enough to be authentically me. This goes for you too! What ever you do in life always be authentically YOU!

Yesterday, while chatting with my dearest friend, I was given a knowing. What I said to her with regards to one of her loved ones was the following:

It is much more detrimental to a human being’s well-being to not express themselves authentically then it is to play nice and do what is socially acceptable. When we pacify others and force ourselves to do things or say things we are not truly feeling, we are injuring ourselves. When we stuff down what we truly feel and do things out of guilt, shame and/or obligation we plant seeds of destruction within our cellular body. Playing nice does not lead to wholeness. On the outer it seems that making a mends or forgiving means to force a relationship out of obligation and/or support of the other person. But this approach hurts both parties. Yes, forgiveness is key, first we forgive ourselves, then with eyes of love we forgive the other. That's it, that is your work. Then, when you understand and allow yourself to limit your interactions with someone, no matter who that person is to you, you honor your authentic self, which places you in alignment with your higher self and with Source energy. This alignment is the path to all healing and all wholeness. As we heal ourselves we make room for others to do their work and find wholeness.

As always… time and space are just an illusion, what is right for you today in this moment may not be right for you tomorrow? Just stay in the present and do what your knowing shows you is right for you NOW.

Now on to my next adventure.................

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