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The Art of Self-Promotion - Ouchie That Really Hurts

You care more than I do……………..

That simple statement rocked my world. It opened up a huge gap within me. At first it hurt as do all of my good consciousness shifts. Those words were spoken to me by someone I love and care for very much. As those words sunk in, I mean really sunk in they made me think. Has that always been my issue, my cross, my teacher? Have I put so much energy into caring for others, who simply don’t care as much as I do? This has showed up in every aspect of my life. You would think that would be a good thing, right. Wrong, it is depleting, spirit killing and plain ol’ exhausting.

Like a lightning bolt, it hit me! If I had put as much care into myself as I had others what could I have accomplished, how many disappointments could I have avoided, how many conflicts would have never arisen? Why have I avoided caring more for myself than I did others? How could I possibly do any good in this world if I did not put myself first? If my health and well-being didn’t come first to me, how in the world did I expect to allow others to care? It made me wonder are there several people out there that have been telling me to care for myself and I have been saying through my actions “you care more than I do”. This was the beginning of my discovery of Self-Promotion

Self-promotion has always felt awkward to me, even a bit selfish or sinful. Somewhere written in my book of law it was listed as a “Big No No”. How limiting that approach to life has been. When I look at great men and women, people who have created magnificence in their lives and the lives of others I always see someone who knows the truth about Self-promotion. Self-promotion does not mean self-absorbed, it does not mean that one is selflessly living their life. I now understand it to be a journey of honoring ones gifts, the sharing of those gifts and amplifying of our innate perfection and magnificence. You see once we truly begin to embrace and promote the knowing that we are created in the likeness of perfect love we are able to shine a light on our gifts.

In the past I have put great time, talent and effort into the promotion of others’ lives. As a wife, mother, friend and Medical Practice Administrator, I have been the loudest cheerleader for many a physician, medical practice, co-worker, friend and family member. Only to find myself depleted in mind, body and spirit. Don’t get me wrong I was a willing participant; I defined myself by those efforts and accomplishments. I was rewarded with love, gratitude and money for those efforts.

Then one day it all came to a screeching halt. I simply lost my ability to promote others the way I had done so in the past. I walked away from a career as a Medical Practice Administrator. Wrongly thinking it was the environment that was affecting me I switched to Holistic Healthcare Management. I still found myself unable to function at the level I use to. I just didn’t have any magic to give. I truly thought there was something physically wrong with me. Did I have something horrific like Alzheimer’s, had I suffered a stroke and didn’t realize it? Then it came to me, my light was dimming, I was diminishing, my gifts for supporting others were slipping away.

Over the past 24 months I allowed this process to happen. I gently and gracefully watched as I was being reborn. I had ripped that page out of my book of law and now was a phoenix rising from the ash. I have rediscovered some old gifts and experienced new ones. I finally have embraced the concept of self-promotion. I am a spiritual warrior! I have created and developed my own Energy Health Care practice. I am now an entrepreneur, a healer, an artist, a blogger, a public speaker and a teacher. I am full of passion for my work and my mission of helping others to tap into their perfection and magnificence. I still probably care more than you do, but I just gotta say I digging Self-Promotion.

My oldest son said something to me this week. “When you work for others you find yourself depleted at the end of a 50 hour work week. When you work for yourself (self-promoting, inner passion driven, the honoring of our gifts) you can work a 60 hour work week and still feel full of life”. I have found this to be true. I have all the energy, light and information to keep me going to infinity and beyond.

When it’s all said and done the only three persons I can answer to is Me, Myself and I.

ME = Child of God = Third Eye = Truth

MYSELF = God within = Heart = Love

I = Creator of my universe = Solar Plexus = Power/Energy/Light

Standing in the Energy, Light and Information

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Virginia Adams is a Energy Healthcare provider. She is a Reconnection-Certified Practitioner and Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner. Virginia is full of passion for her work and her mission of helping others to tap into their perfection and magnificence. Reconnective Healing is known to transcends traditional energy healing techniques. It is neither a therapy nor a treatment. People may experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing during these sessions. For additional information visit or email at

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