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An Irish Angel Message

I have often wondered why I (Woman) will spend hours reading, meditating, discussing with peers, pondering and researching to finally have a profound AH HA moment. I will take this new knowledge and run to my husband (Man) and say OH MY I just had an epiphany about, blank, for him to look at me like, “Well Yeah”! You didn’t know that". Or the exact opposite may happen, I (woman) have been trying to explain a concept or to share the way that I see the divine to have him give me a look like “What In The World” are you talking about.

This story is about the night that Woman got the “What In the World” are you talking about look. Man had arrived home before Woman. Man being a very thoughtful man was making Woman dinner.

Woman ran into the house exclaiming, "I just had a miracle happen"! Woman was very excited to share the events of her commute home with Man. Woman felt like she had just been touched by a hundred angels and wanted to share that experience with Man.

As he looks up from the frying pan, Man says, "OH, what happened."

Woman felt compelled to give back ground to her story, to make sure Man fully understands the message she is about to give. Woman starts with, "well there is something called numerology and when you see number 444 it means..."

Then the look came, Man’s face contorted with a really intense "WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT" face. Woman being very sensitive in nature was instantly offended by the look. Tears welled up in Woman’s eyes and she stomped out of the room into her dressing room, slammed the door and locked it. "He just doesn’t get it, he just doesn’t get it, boohoo I’m so hurt", cried the Woman to herself.

Man was left in the kitchen thinking what the hell just happened. "Did I do something wrong"?

I see divine messages in the magic of everyday; license plates, birds, numbers, animals, bugs, a chance meeting, the moon or basically anything. You name it I will find a way to say, SEE, that is a message, a divine intervention, a connection with the divine. On the other hand my husband does not experience the divine the way I do, but yet seems to innately have profound wisdom. It borderlines annoying; not that he is annoying just the fact that he arrives at the same Ah Ha’s in what seems to be the simplest manner. Many times while sharing with other female energies I have heard that they do not feel their male counterparts understands their spiritual walk or they are trying to figure out how to get them on board with what ever their spiritual practices are, or even better yet how to convince the male energy that they just know that the Turkey Vultures are telling them to move to Utah (inside joke). I have two magical stories to share with you. The first is about the female energy’s angel encounter and the second is the male energy’s angel encounter.

As predicted 2016 had started out to be a time of transition for me. I always seem to struggle with transition. Not change but the shifting of energy that I call transition. For some reason it leaves me feeling low on physical and spiritual gas. Needless to say I had been struggling. This feeling of being low on fuel had led me into extreme self doubt. Kind of a state of What The .... Are You doing with lots and lots of what "ifs" running through my mind. Then one very cold January evening the Angels showed up to refuel me.

I was going down the expressway and there were lots and lots of 444 showing up on license plates. I said out loud, "oh thank you, thank you angels you are with me tonight". The traffic was especially slow that night, moving at a snail’s pace. As I approached the cause of the back up I realized it was a small car stuck in the middle lane, no flashers and no lights on. There was a woman on her cellphone, stuck in the car. I thought, "WOW that looks really dangerous" and I said a little prayer for her. I left the scene thinking boy am I glad that is not me! The pace picked back up and traffic was flowing at a normal speed. I looked down and noticed that I was low on gas; the indicator read that I had 32 miles to go. I thought “No worries the Oasis with a gas station is about 5 miles away, everything's cool”. As I approached the off ramp for the Oasis my car turned off. Yes off, no power at all, just the propulsion of going 60 MPH. The car made it up the inclined off ramp, next I would have to make it pass the turn off for the semi trucks, then to the gas pumps. I had a car in front of me and a car in back of me. I noticed that all of the pumps were full. I thought “OH Sh... a car needs to move NOW or I'm going to be stuck on this off ramp blocking everyone”. Just then a car pulled out, the car in front of me pulled all the way through not stopping at the pump. I pulled in and without applying the brakes the car stopped right in front of the only open pump. My angels, the ones that said hello through the license plates had pushed me to the gas pump. They were there to refuel me.

This is the miracle that Woman wanted to share with Man. That night she eventually came out of her dressing room and shared the story with Man. Because of his kindness and his love for Woman, he sat oh so quietly and with much patience as Woman told the story, but Woman knew he was wearing the "WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT" face on the inside. Woman loved him so for this and knew that one day this would be his understanding too.

A few days later my husband and I received a text message from my daughter regarding Angel numbers 500 and 800. She had received a sign that these numbers contained a message for us that day. She works for the female side of energy. When I saw the text come through I read the link she had supplied to Joanne Sacred Scribes description of these angel numbers. As I did so, I thought HA, I bet Man will never click on those links and read those messages. In my minds eye I even saw him giving her the WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT face. Later that day she called to inquirer if I had read the links and if I thought that Man had read them. I laughed out loud and said, “Honey he won’t ever read those”, and explained that it would cause the face to show up. The sweet being I am privileged to call daughter said, "don’t worry mama, someday your Man will read, meditate, discuss with peers, ponder and research and will finally have a profound AH HA moment about angels". Of course I thought HMMM we’ll see.

I never brought the text up to Man. I guess I didn’t want to run out of the room crying over the injustices of him not seeing the world as I do. The text was sent us on Monday, on Friday of that week Man shares the following story with me. Please use your mind’s Irish accent when reading the inspectors part. These are Man’s words as I remember them.

There is the guy, an inspector, at the job site. We’ve been chatting about stuff and he noticed that I was kind of spiritual. He’s from the south side of Chicago with an Irish accent. He was asking me about my upbringing. (insert Irish accent) "Where you brought up in a church family Man, I can tell you have a good foundation? Where did you grow up? Yeah, it’s not like that for kids today. We were brought up different. You know, like we were taught right and wrong, good and evil. Yeah the kids these days they don’t seem to have that any more. Man, let me ask you a question? Do you believe in Angels? "

Man answers, "well my wife Virginia, we call her Ginger, does. She’s always talking about Angels".

(insert Irish accent) The inspector replied, "Well Man, you need to tell her this story. Will you do that Man, will you tell her this story"?

Man answers, "sure, sure thing", not knowing what to expect.

(insert Irish accent) "I’ve been listening to this radio station and they talk about God and Christian stuff. Yesterday morning they were talking about angels. Did you know Man there are all sorts of angels, as many as 9 types? He goes on to list them; there are Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels and Angels. They were even saying on that radio show that we have guardian angels. Then the man on the radio asked. Do you know your angel’s name? Can you believe that Man, you can find out what their names are? So last night I woke up thinking about that, I got up to relieve myself and while I was sittin on the can I heard the name Bartholomew. Can you believe that Man? My angel’s name is Bartholomew. Craziest thing! Man, you just gotta tell Ginger that story. Will you tell her Man"?

He answered, "sure, sure thing I will tell her".

As Man told me the story, he says “Can you believe that, you can find out their names”? I responded with the “Well Yeah! You didn’t know that look”.

When God, the Angels or whomever wants us to see their face, know their name, hear their message it will come to us in a manner that we can understand. There is no need to impress on anyone female or male our stories, our encounters, our signs and/or symbols or our beliefs. The divine has a special way to speak to each of us.

For more information on Angel Numbers and their meaning visit

Virginia Adams is a Reconnection-Certified Practitioner and Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner, Intuitive Mentor, Author, Artist and Creator of the Universal Gravity Code Program. Virginia is a well-known motivator and healthcare practice administrator for over 28 years. Her dedication, integrity, and intuitive nature have positively impacted many individuals and healthcare practices around the world. Years ago, Virginia received what she feels was a divine mandate to “Heal the Healer”. Until that moment, she had described herself as a practical and methodical administrator. The seed planted by that mandate sent her on a path of discovery, ultimately leading to the opening of her Reconnective Healing® healthcare practice.

Reconnective Healing® is known to transcends traditional energy healing techniques. It is neither a therapy nor a treatment. People experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing during these sessions.

“Today I stand in immense gratitude for where my life path has guided me. Allow me to participate in your transformation from a fear-based life to one grounded in LOVE. You are LOVE! Tap into your inner wisdom and discover that you are your own expert. I remain honored and blessed” – Ginger

If you know someone who might be inspired by my insights, stories or thoughts please forward this email and tell them to subscribe to my website.

I am grateful for you!

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