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God Doesn't Mind

The Reconnection

Today my thoughts took me to the place where I was making a list of all of the RE-words our language uses on a frequent basis. The idea is that we do something that has already been done. Let’s take a look at this list:




RE-Iterate (spoken)



RE-Act (ion)

Re-Create (ion)

RE-Sound (resonance)

RE-Verberate (vibrate as in echo or frequency)

RE-Unite (or union)



Let me repeat what I said above, We Do Something That Has Already Been Done!

What my spiritual studies have lead me to Know is that our particular state of being is one of forgetting who we are and what has already transpired or WHAT IS. No matter what we have done, what iniquities we think we have committed or have been committed against us or whatever our state of health and well-being finds itself in we are still connected to our source and never have been disconnected. Anything that presents itself to convince us of something different is just an illusion. YES my illness is an illusion! I hear you, how can that be, it seems so real? Anything that re-directs our attention away from the ONE and only truth is an illusion. The ONE truth is that we are all ONE with God (Spirit, Source, Universe) and that we have never, ever left that connection. No matter what illusion is before our earthly eyes. And as a matter of fact the only iniquity is that we see/feel/experience ourselves or others as being separated from our Source.

The best word on my RE list is RE-member, once again becoming a “member” of our awareness to our oneness with all. No need to RE anything it has already been done! When we RE-member who we truly are, we see ourselves as.

  • United

  • Connected

  • Directed

  • Awakened

  • Emphasized

  • Aligned

  • Generated

  • Sound (resonance)

  • Iterated

  • Vibrate "Vibrations and Echoes of the voice of God"

  • Action

  • Creation

BTW no one ever says ReKnow. Once you Know you KNOW!

The Oh So wonderful but Oh So hard aspect of the work that I find myself doing is that I meet people who are facing extremely difficult moments or situations in their lives. We enter into a relationship with an unspoken or spoken eternal (internal) question of CAN YOU FIX ME or MY CIRCUMSTANCES? My inner knowing hears them screaming “WILL THIS HEAL ME”? As a Reconnective Healing Practitioner it can be challenging to step out of my humanist self and to simply allow what will be, BE. Of course I want them to be alleviated from whatever woes, pain, disease or discomfort they may be experiencing, but my simple job is to KNOW that they will receive “their perfection” in the most perfect way for them in this particular moment in time. It is my understanding that at the core of Reconnective Healing is the premise that there is no-thing that I or the client can do to amplify or decrease the perfection of our source (God, Spirit or Universe) or the intelligence of the Reconnective Healing Frequencies. The only thing that we are tasked with doing is to place our attention and allow. Even if our minds wonder and our earthly attention wavers from the healing session, the perfection of our source never loses IT’s focus. We simply remember that we are and have always been connected and one with the "KNOW".

Re-Alignment Assignment:

How do we return to the remembrance of the veracity of who we are? We do so by changing the disc, as said by Abraham (Esther Hicks). By adjusting where our focus is we change what our experience is. That simple. The mo

re I practice focusing on JOY the more J

OY will show up. The cool thing about Joy is that she always brings along her friends, well-being, balance and abundance.

Yesterday I saw an Instagram post that I simply just LOVED. (Thank you TheReconnection for your inspiration). In it I saw an arrow pointing to our creator, the essence that I call God, who has many names or truly no name at all, The "I AM" of the I AM “that”, I AM. I have come to know that I can insert any thing I want to create into the “that” of that proclamation. So today I will say I AM “KNOW”, I AM. For our purpose today, I truly don’t think that the Source of many and no names will mind if I change IT's name to KNOW.

The image below reflects the vision I saw yesterday when I read TheReconnection's Instagram Post. I used the post's words but reversed the image and added what I saw.

Your re-alignment assignment is to make your list, your arrow of JOY which will lead you to your source and the remembrance of your innate wholeness, perfection and magnificence. Go ahead, do it now, there is no time "but" the present....... Get 'er done and then go out and play with Joy!




Virginia is a Reconnection-Certified Practitioner and Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner. Reconnective Healing is known to transcends traditional energy healing techniques. It is neither a therapy nor a treatment. People experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing during these sessions. For additional information visit or email at

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