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"You've Gotta Be $&!*%# Me" -Crazy Lane

Where did this all begin? At what point did I turn the corner to proceed down crazy lane? Was it the “Crazy Shaman Healer Dude” who told me I was a Pleiadian healer and that we knew each other and worked together in different life times? No, I think it started before that. I just can not pin point the actual moment that my perspective drastically changed. Maybe it has been a slow process, so slow that it has been completely undetectable. I’m not sure when or how but it has me sitting in front of my computer writing another story.

This particular part of my stroll down crazy lane started on a sunshiny afternoon in late September, 2015. I had decided to attend a “Mediumship Demonstration with Psychic Medium Patty Horton” hosted by The Present Moment in Libertyville, IL. It was a spur of the moment decision and even more impromptu, was the fact that I invited my then boss to go with me. I honestly thought that the presentation was going to be a how to demo. I never in a million years thought that Patty would be doing readings and that I would receive the messages that I did. You see I had never in my 50+ years seen a medium or fortune teller of any kind. Boy was I in for a treat.

Patty started the demo with a short guided meditation. The intention was to receive a word during the meditation. The word I received was “BE”, Patty asked for volunteers to say their word and I was the first to raise my hand. I am attaching the notes which I scribbled down shortly after leaving the demo. This is what I recall Patty saying.

The Word is BE

Patty ….”That I am to continue to BE, powerful word that she doesn’t have come through often. A state of being, but you already know that. You have been through your struggles and I see that you have overcome and that you are sitting in a state of being. You have climbed to top of the mountain and put in your white flags, you have overcome. Are you teaching others this, are you teaching meditation? The right kind of meditation, powerful being meditation. Have you thought about this are you planning on teaching. ……. How does John of God come into this? (I begin to cry, have no words) I see you going on a Journey soon, it’s a powerful journey. This will be life transforming, it will change you, it will change your energy. It will be like Mosses coming off of the mountain. Like the movie. Do you like that movie? You know it’s him but he is transformed, glowing. This will be a transformative journey. I laugh and say, well you’ll have to tell my boss and point to her. She looks at her and asks her if she knows that I will be leaving and she will have to let me go. (boss receives her own powerful message, btw it’s time for you to own your message, just sayin)

Who’s been messing with you in your kitchen? Do you know what I’m talking about? I tell her of my recent dream of 2 ladies taking my energy in my kitchen. She says that I have misinterpreted the dream. They are merging with your energy to make it bigger. But who’s messing with you in your kitchen? Do you feel their presence? I tell her that I have been finding a feather every morning in the kitchen. Well they are there with you.

You will be going on a journey soon. OH I SEE I have a powerful healer in front of me. Do you know that? Are you pursuing that? WOW God bless you.”

A month later I went to Patty’s home to have a one on one reading with my daughter (well I guess that's really 2 on one). I was anticipating a similar reading to the one I had experienced at the group demo. It was nothing like what I expected. When Patty told me about the word BE she spoke as if she was receiving it from guides, angels or some beings. But she never referred to them or gave me any indication that the messages had come from anyone that I knew. But this time, sitting in her basement my mom, dad and sister all showed up. Until that day, I had never even contemplated the idea of trying to contact my deceased family. I just knew they were out there somewhere but didn’t think they had anything to tell me. I had come to hear the masters, not my mom and definitely not my sister! Again I was foolish to think that magic doesn’t happen. That day, I received beautiful messages from my sister who passed away years ago. Wisdom from my dad and my daughter got scolded by my mom. Then without warning crazy came knocking.

During this sitting my sister told me that I was to do intuitive readings, with her assistance.

WHAT, WHO me? (insert drum rollllllllll) I was to do so by using coffee and cream, kind of tea-leaf reading with a twist. She was sure to let me know that I was not to use fake creamer, only pure cream. My jaw dropped to the ground, you’ve gotta be @#$%&* me! In the flesh this sister had brought me significant pain. Now I was being asked to partner with her in a crazzzy woowoo scheme of some sorts. She reminded me that she has been contacting me already, that she is my license plate angel. OK, OK I know, I believe that license plates send me messages but I'm struggling with coffee cup readings. I told you! I've been cruising down crazy lane.

Well she wasn’t @#$%&* me, I have been doing intuitive reading using this vehicle since then. I use to have a “legitimate” career as a logical methodical administrator, now I wave my hands around in the air to facilitate healing and gaze into coffee cups to give guidance. I am blessed to say that I find myself full of love, peace and joy doing my illegitimate job. Crazy Lane ain’t so bad.

Everything Patty said that day has come to pass. My energy has changed, I am a transformed being. Due to this transformation I left my so called “legitimate” career to cruise down a path of crazy synchronicities. I started to systematically look for ways to leave fear behind and to begin to move and grove in a life grounded in love. I began to say yes.

Thank you Patty Horton for embracing your beautiful gifts so that mine could be affirmed, I just love this @#$%&*. For more information regarding Coffee Cup Readings check out the link on my website under Services. . For more information regarding Patty Horton check out her website at

Waving my hands in the air and sending you light and love,

Mama G

Patty's BE predictions

  1. For a couple of years prior I had been doing daily meditations following the teachings of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, “Twin Heart Meditation”. I had attended training for Arhatic Yoga Level I and was practicing and sharing these techniques with others.

  2. I traveled to Utah, then Miami to be introduced to the new energy frequencies of Reconnective Healing. I abandoned my training and certifications in other healing modalities.

  3. It came to a point that I had to leave my boss and my position at her practice and she lovingly let me go (or did I ever leave?)

  4. After I left my position as a Practice Manager and started a new position in Holistic Healthcare I met a lady on my second day of employment that introduced herself as “A Medium for the Casa of John of God” (love you Sis)

  5. My favorite movie of all time is “The Ten Commandments” I quote it all the time.I Am a student of the powerful vibration of I AM that, I AM.

  6. I have embraced the notion that I facilitate healing in a very powerful way.

  7. I am now teaching workshops and sharing my passion for a heart led life.

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