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Ravens Talk "A Year Of Courage"

Original Art "Lion Medicine"

Lion medicine is one of Courage. (when I say medicine I refer to energy, lesson, power, teaching). Over the past year I have had the courage to face some of my inner demons. Well, better put, inner lessons, demons sounds too scary! I'm going to quote the late Sage Holloway author of "Mythical Goddess Tarot" because her words pretty much sum up what I have experienced in the past year.

7 of Fire


"To celebrate the courage you have found to face your inner demons, that you may confront with sureness an fortitude all of the outer demons in you life. Courage is know through total trust and honesty with yourself. Courage comes from your inner fire, where you find the will, strength and passion to meet the tests before you. Continue to blaze your way on the lion path of courage" Sage Holloway, "Mythical Goddess Tarot"

A year ago, yesterday I experienced a "Reconnection". (If you don't know what that means, please read my website or The Reconnection) . In a few words the purpose of a Reconnection is to access an accelerated exchange of energy, light and information. What I call the express train to life progression! I have been asked by many people what has changed in me since then, or what they can expect to change in them after I facilitate a Reconnection. When I really, really, REALLY look at this. Nothing has changed about me except for the acceptance of my innate magnificence and perfection. Wow!!! I have the courage to say I Am Magnificent, I Am Perfect. Pretty bold, huh? That is the difference! I have oh so slowly begun to embrace the fact that all of those demons (lessons) were excuses, not to see that I was created in the image of Perfect Love. In doing so I have been led down a beautiful path of synchronicities, expansion of perspective and ability to powerfully walk in confidence. I have transformed, transmuted, transitioned old thought processes. My intuitive nature and insight are growing more powerful with each dawn. I am an artist, a blogger, a story teller. I am a healer. I am an entrepreneur. I am passion and purpose driven. I am awaking to a Oneness consciousness. I am radiant inside and out. I feel fulfilled and content. I am the calm in the storm. I am empathetic and intuitive. I am able to share more openly. I discovered I actually have a voice. I am clear and intentional. You see when I embrace my true source I begin to see your attributes in me. I have lived my life honoring and cultivating these attributes in others, now I begin to accept them for myself.

Receiving my Reconnection opened a place in me where I could begin to find inner peace and healing. I am now receptive to the possibility that I am not broken in mind, body and spirit. That healing awaits us all. I know that reconnection to our Source is an inner journey. One that brings in the magic of all ages. There are many sign post directing you to see what has been hidden within you, will this blog do the trick? Are you ready for your discovery?

I am here to proclaim from the mountain top that you, yes little Ol' you, were created in that same magnificence and perfection! I challenge you to have total trust that within you lies a sleeping lion. Wake him/her up! Let's get busy pursuing our passion and purpose.

Standing in the light

Mama G

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