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Ravens Talk - "Figamentation of My Imagination - How to Determine Your Life Purpose"


How to Determine Your Life Purpose

Mama G

In this day and age we hear a lot about finding and following our Life Purpose or Spiritual Calling. For most of us these ideas are preceded and followed by huge question marks. ???? How do I know, How will I know, Who is going to tell me, What if I don’t hear it right, What if I don’t know how, Who is going to show me, What if my Mom (family and friends) disapproves, Where does this knowledge come from and on and on and on.

On several occasions I have boldly stated that my current path is a demonstration of me finally following my Life Purpose. But time to time the question marks come flooding back in. “How do I know”, “Who is going to support me financially as I skip down this lovely little path”, “Who and What appointed me to this purpose”, and my all-time favorite; is this just a “figmentation of my imagination” (thank you Herman “Disney’s Mickey and the Beanstalk”).

Today all of these question marks are once again floating around my head which led me to look up the word PURPOSE in the thesaurus. This is what I found:

Drive? Yes for some inexplicable reason I am driven to continue down the path of Healer, even though it is not an easy task to do in this world. It can be ostracizing and at times in direct conflict with what this world perceives as normal.

Determination? Yes I can’t seem to stop. I am determined to touch as many people as I can with the message that they are worthy, created in perfection and love.

Resolution? Even when this world, my finances and my relationships are in direct conflict I continue to have resolved to skip down this path.

Resolve? Ditto

Persistence? Have you heard my message yet? Well then let me find another way to encourage you to see that you are created from the pristine white light of your creator. YOU ARE LOVE AND ARE LOVED!

Perseverance? “Here I Am Lord, Is it I, Lord!” “You Are Love & Love Alone!” "Against All Odds!"

"I Am Light!"

Tenacity? Well I think that may be my middle name Virginia Tena-city Adams.

Single-mindedness? One word and one word alone “Love”. I have found that if I perceive that something or someone does not vibrate with what I am creating it is OK to let it go. Love or Fear? I choose Love.

Well, for today, I think I may have answered my question marks. Currently my Life Purpose Path is Facilitator of Reconnective Healing and messenger of love.

But wait isn’t everything here in this space and time just a “Figamentation of My Imagination”. Isn’t all of this my story, my truth, my way of returning to my knowing of oneness? YES! So for now I will imagine that my return to oneness is down this particular Life Purpose Path. What are you currently creating? What will you allow yourself to imagine? How does it hold up to the above question marks?

If today you find yourself questioning your purpose or your call to creation? May I suggest that you create a story with your imagination that shows you as Determined, Resolved, Persistent, with great Perseverance and Tenacity. Imagine a story where you have Single-mindedness towards a dream and a reason to exist. Even if it feels unreal or unattainable it is yours to dream, yours to create. Then get busy putting check marks by your question marks. Step by beautiful step you will be gliding down your Life Purpose path. You too have been called to Love, how will you express it in this time and space? I leave you with "THERE IS NO DEFINED STORY OF WHO I AM, IT IS MINE TO CREATE" - Mama G

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