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Ravens Talk - Reflection of a Purple People Eater

If you like to play with “What Ifs” clap your hands!!

I love to play with What Ifs. I have done this for as long as I can remember. It goes something like this; what if there really are Purple People Eaters? What would their totem be? The person who wrote the song did so based on some knowing. Then I begin to ponder and investigate all the probable and improbable ways that a purple people eater could exist, why they would exist and so on. This “What If” game of mine has lead me to some pretty remarkable discoveries and knowings. This is a little ditty about my most recent stroll down the “what if” spiral staircase or maybe it was up the spiral staircase.

When my daughter Christina was very young she discovered that she was able to express herself through paint. She was able to tap into energies which she felt swirling around her and give them an image. As a parent it was sometimes frightening to see what ended up on the canvas, because she was always true to the energy and showed it as she felt it. The teenage years were rather bleak to say the least. So I guess you can call her an Intuitive Painter. I truly do not like the coined description of what she does because I am of the belief that any gift is intuitive, but for the sake of having a label we will use that term.

As you may already know my current career is in Energy Healthcare. I left my previous career in Medical Practice Administration to pursue a practice in Reconnective Healing. This move has been quite expansive to say the least. I have the exquisite pleasure of interacting with these transcendent frequencies. In Reconnective Healing we talk about it being a “Trinity” effect. The way my mind makes sense of this is to use the image of a light bulb. I am the filament or the conduit; the receiver of energy, the client is the empty glass bulb waiting to be filled with the luminescent energy, light and information and finally the frequency is the power source. Now that I have explained the basics of how Reconnective Healing works I will bring in the part of the “What If”.

Christina shares in my fascination with the “What Ifs”, so one night we were talking about what if we could capture the colors, images and feelings of a Reconnective Healing. What would they look like, would each session look different; could an observer tap into and see/feel without disturbing the three way interaction? We mused about how cool it would be to be clairvoyant and see the energy flying around the room. We both know how palpable the energy is to the touch, and scientific studies have shown that the light emitted is detectable and measurable. So, “What if” we could see it, “What if” she could paint it!

These interactions lead to a mini experiment. Christina was to sit with me and paint during a distance Reconnective Healing: I wrote several names of people I knew down on individual slips of paper and placed them in a bowl, I then randomly drew the names out and wrote a number from 1 – 10 on each paper. I then asked Christina to pick a number. She did not know the names of the people I had placed in the bowl and I did not reveal to her who was chosen. I then contacted the person who corresponded with the number and offered a distance healing. I explained that my daughter and I had a theory which we were trying to explore and that I would fill them in on the details after the session. The client did not know that Christina would be painting the session. We have done this with 2 separate people.

Last night we did our second session. The first session’s painting was a beautiful depiction of 2 blue spheres interacting with each other; the spheres are surrounded by a crazy splash of abstract pastel colors. The second session’s painting was of a half face. The painting is in yellow and golds. It is completely different from the first painting but equally beautiful. During the sessions Christina felt led to use specific colors and images to convey messages which she was hearing. The whole process was powerful for all parties involved.

While debriefing the client of the second session, the client asked what our intention was. Were we going to make this a “Thing”, sale the process and/or the paintings to clients? She went on to say that people love having tangible items to connect to their healing. Screeeeeech, stop right there!

Reconnective Healing is a no technique, no diagnosis and no treatment source of Energy Healthcare. It abandons the idea that we need something on the outer to heal the inner. We are asked to leave ALL outer items such as the crystals, the sage and/or the techniques. We are asked to embrace the basic idea that the frequencies have an intelligence of their own and that no-thing can amplify the pure perfection of the energy light and information of its source of pure love. So what the heck are these paintings?

Last night as I lay sleepless, I was asking myself that question. The knowing that came through goes something like this. We are experiential race of beings. We experience this world through all of our senses, receiving great joy and great pain from these interactions. Down through the ages we have tried to put a visual, a smell, a feeling, a sound and/or a taste to what we sense as the Creator, God, Source, Spirit etc. We have been quite creative in doing so, but nothing has ever encompassed all facets of the diamond. You see all things are infused with God-ness, the crystals have an aspect, the sage has an aspect, the technique has and aspect, even the spirit animal purple people eater has an aspect. They are all grains of sand in the image of God. Now we are being asked to leave the linear plane of this dimension and to use our sixth sense to experience our source.

But wait there’s more……..what happens to sand if it is infused with high amounts of energy? High heat? It turns to liquid, which turns to glass. In my perspective these tiny grains of sand transform, transmute transcend and alchemize into a looking glass (mirror) that reflects to us that we are the perfection, we are the pristine light, and we are the creator, source, spirit. So what are those paintings? They are just a beautiful reflection of a moment, they are not the healing, they are a looking glass or a mirror to reflect back to us that there is something real going on here. There is a tangible energy that is omni-present, omni –potent and omni-knowing. How that is conveyed to our senses is quite individual.

As we finished up last night, Christina had the beautiful insight that Reconnective Healing directs us to find the healing within, and that we are responsible for our own healing. The return to balance does not reside outside us. It is in the reconnecting to our source that we find balance. The Reconnective Frequencies lead us to that place of health and wellbeing.

Folks, this no longer WooWoo, this is science and we are getting closer to the truth. I leave you pondering the “What Ifs”. Take some time to investigate and possibly discover the facts around quantum physics and how it will change our current view of health care. We are on the precipice of Energy Healthcare, won’t you take the plunge with me.

I leave you looking in the mirror admiring the white light that surrounds me. I see you peaking over my shoulder.

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