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The Golden Triangle Faith - Love - Charity

The Triangle of Faith, Love and Charity.

Confession time, I am a recovering control freak. In the past, I have caused myself so much unnecessary angst and grief, over details and circumstances in which I never had an ounce of control. Today, with a happy heart, I can say that what I love most about my practice is the fact that I may not ever know the purpose or the outcome of my interaction with my clients. I find it amazingly freeing to just let go and allow.

This is a 3 part story about where letting go unleashed a million blessings. Grab a cup of tea, it’s a long one.

Back ground information: While living in Caracas, Venezuela in the early 80’s I learned to speak conversational Spanish. Due to my deep love of advocacy, I have tailored my broken Spanish to fit the industry in which I have worked. I had to learn the words associated with the anatomy, diseases, symptoms and treatments for the different Medical Specialties in which I worked. At this time, I find myself learning Spanish words and phrases to depict the experience, science and spirituality to use in my Reconnective Healing Practice.

Part I - I Have Been Summoned

It was a cold evening in late December of 2016; I was getting ready to go bed and my phone dinged with an incoming email from my web-site. It was an email written in Spanish, from a lady who lives about 2 hours from where I practice and her words felt urgent. She was asking about the differences between Reconnective Healing and a Personal Reconnection. In that email she stated that her mother-in- law needed it TODAY. Unfortunately, she had not given me a phone number to call her and I was not prepared to respond to her in written Spanish, so I sent her an email requesting that she call me. As I turned over to go to sleep I thought, if she doesn’t call I will search The Reconnection website to find a written description for both in Spanish and email her on Saturday. That was a Thursday evening.

Early Friday morning I was scheduled to have outpatient exploratory surgery. I was pretty confident that it would be routine and that nothing significant would be found, but as often happens in these types of situations, fearful thoughts were trying to sneak in. I am happy to report that all went well, the potential for a negative outcome was diminished and I was feeling immensely thankful.

Late that same afternoon, as I was resting, I received a call from a gentleman requesting a healing session for his sick mother. Early in the conversation I realized that he was the spouse of the lady who had emailed me the night before. He explained to me that his mother was very sick, that his wife had read about Reconnective Healing and she was convinced that his mother needed THAT. They were asking which of the two would serve her better; a Healing Session or a Personal Reconnection. We were speaking in English so I felt confident that I had thoroughly explained the difference. Our conversation ended with an agreement that the next day I would travel to his mother, who lived in a town, somewhere between the two of us. His hopes were that I would go there three times during the next week, first for a Reconnective Healing Session and then to facilitate a Personal Reconnection.

As I see it, my job as the facilitator of Reconnective Healing is to stay as neutral as possible. I let go of the control, the assumptions and the need to know the outcome. From our conversation, I knew she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, but I was trying to detach from the story.

Now that I look back on this story, I realize that I was in a space of emotional vulnerability. I had just undergone general anesthesia, I was still experiencing physical discomfort from the surgery and I was supposed to be, as they say in Spanish “De Reposo” for at least 48 hours. But here I was making plans to travel the next day. The desperation in this man’s voice was heart breaking to say the least and I knew that I needed to go.

Part II Encounter with La Señora

The next morning we woke up to a significant snow fall and a prediction for much more snow to come. I was beginning to question my decision to agree to meet with this new client. I didn’t physically feel well and I knew that the commute to my new client’s home would be a tough one. I texted her son to confirm he was still going to meet me at her house and to inquire how long he thought his commute would be. Based on the weather conditions, we both guesstimated our arrival time.

When I finally arrived at the address it had taken me about 45 minutes longer than I thought. I felt like I was out of integrity with La Señora who I assumed was waiting for me. When I got to the front door there was a sign indicating to go the back door. I trudge through a foot of unplowed snow, up the stairs that lead on to their back deck and stood in front of a sliding glass door. I found myself looking in on a large family gathered in a kitchen. I was like a deer caught in headlights. I wondered if they had seen me ….. I could just turn around and RUN! To say it mildly, I was scared to death. What in the world had I gotten myself into? Will they understand my Spanish; do I have to explain it to ALL of them? OH Sh--- what was the son’s name?

Then a bulldog disguised as a petite Latina lady came to the slider, unlocked and opened it.

Bull Dog: “What do you want?

Me: (stuttering) “HI , I am, Ginger Adams, I am here to see Sra. ______, her son ______ arranged an appointment with me today”. “I am soooo sorry that I am late”

Bull Dog: (barked) “Who are YOU”? “What do you want”?

Me: (pleading) “Well you see __________ called me and asked me to meet him here, is ________ here? La Sra. ________ should be expecting me”!

From inside, 10 voices yell out at the same time….....

Group: “cierra la puerta!!, it’s cold, you are letting in all the snow. Quien es ella? Que quiere? (shut the door, who is she, what does she want)”.

Scrambling to find the right words to deescalate the situation, I smiled and put on the sweetest Ginger face that I could muster. The petite women was not having it, she was in total protective mode. She yells back to the crowd…..

Bull Dog: Ella dice que Nolo la llamo

The 10 voices yelled…..


I instantly understood, they called him Nolo and he wasn’t there and he wasn’t expected to come today. I should have run when I had the chance.

By this time they had reluctantly allowed me through the doorway and into the kitchen. Standing there on the rug by the back door, I was overtaken by the warmth of their home. The house was nicely decorated for the Christmas Season. There was pot of soup boiling on the stove, a lovely women was cutting vegetables and adding them to the pot. You could just feel the love. She actually looked up and smiled at me. I thought OK, I have won over that one.

Then a lady who seemed to be the leader of the pack, maybe the eldest daughter approached me and once again asked who I was and why I had come. I did my best to explain in both English and broken Spanish, the reason for my visit. The conversations that I had with “Nolo” and the reason why he wanted me to meet his mother. She then calls out to young man, llama a Nolo. We will call him and see what this is all about! I agreed, PLEASE call Nolo! Then the next pressing question came. ARE YOU CATHOLIC? Is this accepted by the Catholic Church?

I was taken aback, I could honestly answer yes, “Yes I was baptized a Catholic”, but was “IT” accepted by the church? Hmmmm, I have no short answer for that. So I just allowed, I allowed the loving frequencies, the knowing and my connection to my God to flow through me. I began to speak both in English and then translating what I had said into Spanish. I shared with all of them what I know to be true. To this day, I have NO idea what I said. But when I was finished a little old man with the saddest eyes, said “Ven a conoserla, pasa y toma asiento”. Her loving husband had offered me a seat and introduced me to his sleeping wife.

From what I could see, she was obviously very sick, it felt like end stage. She was wrapped up in a snuggy blanket lying on her couch; the Christmas tree was beautifully decorated and lite. There was a large nativity scene which was adorned with lights. The whole sight was one of warmth, love and peace.

Nolo and his family FINALLY showed up just as I was trying to; once again, explain to his mother what I had come for. One of the other daughters was telling her that I was going to pray for her, that I had healing powers and that Nolo had found me. (I guess she hadn’t understood what I was telling them). Then Nolo’s wife, Ana Maria, the one that had emailed me on Thursday night, began to console La Señora. AHHHHH, she had the right words. Oh my goodness, she speaks like an Angel. I could have listened to her all day long.

While they were chatting Nolo, took me aside and apologized for being late and for not telling his family that I was coming. He thought that he would arrive before me, and that he would have time to explain to his VERY religious family, that I was coming and that they had nothing to fear. He explained to me how they did not trust anything that did not have to do with the Catholic Church. I smiled a said “well, there are no mistakes, so I arrived when I did, had the conversation that I had, and now we will see what your mother chooses to do”.

La Señora decided to allow me to facilitate a Reconnective Healing with her that day. We went into her bedroom and she laid on a hospital bed, which had been set up in the room. I felt sad to see the marital bed on the other side of the room. La Señora had asked to have Ana Maria in the room with us and I agreed. I coached Ana Maria on her part. I had asked her to stay as neutral as possible; I was reminding myself to do the same. To just sit and observe and if she liked she could close her eyes. I then told La Señora to close her eyes and that I would gently touch her shoulder when we were done.

When I reached down and touched La Señora, to let her know we were finished, much to my surprise, she instantly said in English, I didn’t feel a thing. She hadn’t said more than 10 words prior to that moment and those had been in Spanish. I prompted her and asked if she had any experiences, had she felt her feet and hands move, or did she hear herself making the noises through her lips? She said, NO that didn’t happen! I rubbed her arm and reminded her that even if we do not have an experience, that the loving frequencies where surrounding her and that she received the healing which was intended for her. She closed her eyes and never said another word to me.

Then I remembered that Ana Maria was in the room with us, I looked over and she was gently crying. She began to tell me that she had kept her eyes open during the session and that she had a magnificent vision, with angels, colors, and a gold triangle. She said that she saw the room fill with purple light and a golden triangle come down from the ceiling and hover over us, the triangle stayed the entire time that we were in session. She was quite moved by her vision. I gave her a big hug, but tried really, really, really hard to not get caught up in the story.

Again, my job is to stay as neutral as possible. I loved her vision but THAT was not the healing, or was it?

I said my fair wells to the family and prepared to leave their home. Nolo said that he would call me if his mother decided to have a Personal Reconnection. He asked his son to walk me to my car. I never heard back from Nolo.

On the next Monday morning I was greeted by an associate at a Chiropractic office where I was working. She asked how I was feeling and about the results of my surgery. She then said, you know, I called my people and had you placed in the Triangle at the Casa. Hmmmm, the triangle? She just happened to be a medium for the Casa de Dom Inacio (John of God) in Brasil.

John of God

Triangle Blessings

The triangle is a symbol of the Casa de Dom Inacio. It represents the three elements of faith, love & charity. There’s a large triangle placed on the wall in the Casa’s main assembly room, and a second triangle lives on an exterior wall outside the Casa’s operation room.

Part III A New Healer is on the Scene

In February of 2017, I received a call from Ana Maria. She wanted to schedule a healing session and a Personal Reconnection for herself. She explained, that after further researching Reconnective Healing, she had decided to go to the last ever Live Level One & Level Two Reconnective Healing Training being held in Los Angeles that year. Something happened in that room on that snowy day with La Señora and Ana Maria knew that she needed to go to LA.

As she explained this to me, I thought to myself, you never know who you will touch. Who was healed that day? Was it I, standing in the triangle, was it La Señora as she prepared to transition, or was it Ana Maria as she embraced her knowing. I think that each one of us represented an element of the “Triangle” faith, love and charity.

Let me paint a picture, Ana Maria has been married for approximately 18+ years, she is a mother of two. Her youngest daughter has special needs (low functioning autism), she taught herself English and then home schooled her oldest son, who is now a brilliant and articulate 16 year old. Because of her commitment to her son and daughter, Ana Maria does not work outside the home. As of February of 2017 she had not slept one night without her husband by her side. She had never flown alone. She had never left her daughter. I don’t think she drives. This family moves as a unit. They go everywhere together, except for when Dad goes to work. He works 3rd shift so that he can help with their daughter. The son has more therapeutic skills when dealing with his sister than any gifted therapist. To say the least this is an incredible family. This is the lady who speaks like an Angel; her words, her actions; her embodiment of love is so very powerful. Bold as a toro and gentle as a lamb.

Ana Maria had decided to use their family funds, get on a plane, leave her husband’s side, leave her daughter and son and go to LA all by herself. She was riddled with fear of the unknown but she was determined that she was going to be at that last Live Level I training, where they would have simultaneous translation into Spanish. She didn’t want to miss a word!

She did it, she attended, she broke through all of her fear and did what her heart told her she needed to do. Against all odds she is now a Reconnective Healing Practitioner.

In Reconnective Healing some will experience a spontaneous physical healing, but ALL will experience a return to balance, by remembering or reconnecting to the “IT” factor which we will name Energy, Light and Information from the Source of pure love.

Virginia Adams is a Energy Healthcare provider. She is a Reconnection-Certified Practitioner and Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner. She is an entrepreneur, an artist and a public speaker. Virginia is full of passion for her work and her mission of helping others to tap into their perfection and magnificence. Reconnective Healing is known to transcends traditional energy healing techniques. It is neither a therapy nor a treatment. People may experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing during these sessions. For additional information visit or email at

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