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The Yellow Blankie

I just noticed that every cozy blanket in our house, except for maybe one or two, is the color yellow. I like yellow, and my house décor has a few touches of yellows, but it is not a color I usually think of when decorating. So what in the world is this obsession with yellow blankets?

When my husband’s grandson was younger and would join us for “sleep overs”, he would immediately get “THE” yellow blanket out of the closet. Yes there is an extra special yellow blanket. This blanket seems to have magic healing powers. It is the blanket that covers anyone in the house who is sick or not feeling up to par. If you saw it, you wouldn’t be especially impressed by the blanket, but the second you are covered by it you feel cozy, safe and comforted. Until today I never correlated the color with the magic. We call it the “Yellow Blankie”, but I didn’t realize that yellow might be its super power.

As I sat in ELI’s (Energy Light and Information) room today getting ready for meditation I realized that I had two yellow blankets on me; one from my sitting room and the “Yellow Blankie”. I then started thinking about the other blankets stashed around our house, waiting to cuddle someone. Most of them are yellow or have yellow in their pattern. When did I start collecting yellow blankets? I tried to remember the purchase of each blanket and to pin point the timing. Then I heard the whisper of my inner knowing.

I heard the whistle of my Dad, complimenting my mom whenever she was wearing a yellow outfit. He especially loved her in that color. I wish I had a way to make this page make the whistle sound, you know the one that means, WOW you look pretty! It’s too bad that some ladies might find that an offensive sound today. In my home it was a sign of complete love and devotion. My mom’s eyes would light up and as she would coyly say OH Frank! My dad loved to whistle; in fact half of his communications with us was via whistles. Each family member had a designated whistle which would be used to get our attention, say hi or just plain and simple show love. So a “you look pretty” whistle with a “Barbiedoo” whistle meant an extreme amount of love towards my mom. As I continued to ponder this, I also remembered that if he was to give her roses, he always gave her yellow roses. Ah I think I am on to something.

When I pieced together the genesis of my yellow blanket obsession, I was taken back to the years when both my mom and dad’s health were failing. Somewhere during the last years of their lives I started blanketing myself in yellow coziness. Funny how our psyche works; for me the magic of the color yellow was the love between two souls, who were high school sweethearts and through thick and thin, better and worse made it through 61 years of marriage. Their relationship was not a marriage of perfection nor was it even functional at times, but it was an example of devotion and deep care.

Today I am eternally grateful for witnessing love expressed by a man to a woman, in the way he knew best. I understand now that the magic of my “Yellow Blankies” is the magic of unconditional love. The warmth and glow of our yellow sun is here to remind us of that fact. Maybe we all should go buy a cozy yellow blanket, to snuggle up in, remembering that we are all created from this magical thing called Unconditional LOVE. As Always, I am loving you...

Virginia Adams is a Reconnection-Certified Practitioner and Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner, Intuitive Mentor, Author, Artist and Creator of the Universal Gravity Code Program. Virginia is a well-known motivator and healthcare practice administrator for over 28 years. Her dedication, integrity, and intuitive nature have positively impacted many individuals and healthcare practices around the world. Years ago, Virginia received what she feels was a divine mandate to “Heal the Healer”. Until that moment, she had described herself as a practical and methodical administrator. The seed planted by that mandate sent her on a path of discovery, ultimately leading to the opening of her Reconnective Healing® healthcare practice.

Reconnective Healing® is known to transcends traditional energy healing techniques. It is neither a therapy nor a treatment. People experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing during these sessions.

“Today I stand in immense gratitude for where my life path has guided me. Allow me to participate in your transformation from a fear-based life to one grounded in LOVE. You are LOVE! Tap into your inner wisdom and discover that you are your own expert. I remain honored and blessed” – Ginger

If you know someone who might be inspired by my insights, stories or thoughts please forward this blog and tell them to subscribe to my website.

I am grateful for you!

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