April 8, 2019

In my intuitive work I do not systematically use the "Akashic Records", or better said I do not knowingly use the Akashic Records. Recently I had lunch with another practitioner who is trained and does use these records in her work. Even though we were not directly discussing our intuitive work, I found myself saying to her, "What if we (humanity) were to find out that it is ALL part of the illusion, even our karma and/or Akashic Records." I went on to say that I am coming to a place...

April 3, 2019

I have to question.

In a tit for tat conversation, opposing sides debate, justification

of perceived wrong action, plea for vindication or basically any heated personal interaction where frustration and/or anger arises, who really is my adversary?

Today I had the realization that most of my life's conflicts have been about me shadow boxing the lady in the mirror. As my understanding of self grows, I am thrown off balance by fewer and fewer things. But there are still people, circumstances and subject matter w...