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"The Seven Faces of Intention"

October 13, 2009 11:32am

based on The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

I AM Creative

I am creating financial abundance in my life, I am able to pay all of my bills and still have plenty of resources to have fun and share with my friends and family. I am creating divine relationships with my children and grandchildren. I am creating a divine, kind, loving, caring, monogamous, honest relationship with my spouse. I am creating purpose in my life. I am creating a secure work environment with financial benefits.

I AM Kind

I am kind to all forms of life. I systematically look for places and situations to be kind; I put my ego aside and feel genuine kindness towards all people. I treat others with respect with my words and my actions.

I AM Love

I am love, I approach all of my relationships with love and I consciously choose love over fear. I feel a deep love for all things created. I send out heart felt love to the people who love me and the people who have wronged me. I spend time each day in quite conscious connection with my Source, absorbing the love and sending out mine.

I AM Beauty

I am beautiful and perfect the way I was created. I see beauty in all of creation especially where it is hard for others to see it. I gaze into peoples eyes and see their light and beauty when I speak to them. I spend quiet time in nature absorbing it's energy and beauty.

I AM Expansive

I am infinite. I am able to stand back in my mind and watch my thoughts and know that they are not me. I am in contact with a greater power, where all knowledge and know how is created. I know that it is all available to me, I read, talk and listen to others to expand my knowledge.

I AM Unlimitedly Abundant

There are no limits to what I can create for myself. I am as a bird who does not worry from where my food and shelter will come. I do not want for anything. My desires are met without effort. I am grateful for all that I have and all that is on its way to me. I allow all that I have to flow through me and I do not hold on to anything because there is always more to have. I have abundant LOVE, I have abundant MONEY, I have abundant HEALTH, I have abundant TALENT, I have abundant KNOWLEDGE, I have abundant JOY, and I have abundant PEACE.

I AM Receptive

I know that my Source speaks through many channels. I am receptive to It's gifts and guidance in their many forms. I go beyond my ego and connect to WHO I AM where I am able to be receptive without judgment. I am receptive to CREATION, I am receptive to KINDNESS, I am receptive to LOVE, I am receptive to BEAUTY, I am receptive to EXPANSION, and I am receptive to ABUNDANCE. I AM THAT, I AM

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