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Ravens Talk "Tidbits of Truth Love and Power"

What I Learned On My Way To Being Optimal.

Big Bang Experience

Flow of gratitude consciousness

(the sparkles added to my diamond over the past year)

  • Understand and Embrace the messages from my body. A tooth, a tummy and a leg can open up wonderful portals to self awareness.

  • Alignment of Body and of Life Purpose is essential to happiness, health and well-being

  • Regularly Detox from the effects of negative influences, thoughts and beliefs. Reject Mob Mentality

  • Own your Power embrace your gifts and do not hide your magnificence.

  • Speak your Truth, allow spirit to speak through you even if at times, it feels miserably uncomfortable

  • See the God Spark in all Beings. The quirky, abandoned, judgmental, shy, meek, smelly, passionate, distraught, joyful, lost, gluten free, vegan, short, tall, thin and wide are all an aspect of your perfection. We are all One.

  • Love Yourself as much as others love their animals. Self love expands your heart.

  • Stay Grounded take your shoes off. Your intuition is summoning your attention

  • Clear Old Unwanted Energies from your space, open the door and let them out, allowing space for purity of heart.

  • Everyone Benefits from a Healer, Shaman or Physician

  • The Ultimate Healer, Shaman or Physician is the Inner Shaman. Healing is an inside job you will not find it in the outer.

  • Everyone Has a Deeper Story to tell if you allow them the space to express it, through unconditional love

  • Magic is Everywhere do you see it? Summon the fairies!

  • Following Bread Crumbs (synchronicities) Leads to a Big Bang Experience. Expansion of Self SAY YES and then SAY YES again even if the you and the world think you are crazy

  • Love is Spoken Everywhere, are you listening?

Eternally Grateful for the gifts,

Standing in Light and Love

Mama G

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