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"Does Evil Exist Part Dos" - Here's Lookin At You!!

Excerpt from previous article "Reflections of a Purple People Eater"

But wait there’s more……..what happens to sand if it is infused with high amounts of energy? High heat? It turns to liquid, which turns to glass. In my perspective these tiny grains of sand transform, transmute transcend and alchemize into a looking glass (mirror) that reflects to us that we are the perfection, we are the pristine light, and we are the creator, source, spirit.........


Today I had a few more thoughts which seem to tie two of my recent articles together. On June 30, 2017, I wrote "Reflection of a Purple People Eater" and then on July 11, 2017 I wrote "I Am Afraid to Ask, Does Evil Exist?" This brief entry is an expansion of the effects of fear using the analogy of the Looking Glass. Every mirror has its back side. Present-day glass mirrors are most often coated with non-toxic silver or aluminum. If you were to turn a mirror over the backside is usually dull and nondescript as opposed to the shiny reflective surface of the mirrored side. I have come to know that my source (God, Spirit, Creator, etc) is OMNIscience (infinite knowledge), OMNIpotence (unlimited power), OMNIpresence (present everywhere). My Source is the shiny side of the mirror. If I chose to turn the mirror over I cannot reflect the magnificence of my creator. The OMNI is located on the shiny side of the mirror. OMNI is the reflection or refraction of light and love.

At times we may choose to stand behind the mirror as a protection, afraid of what might be reflected on the other side, fearful that we need to be in control of how the light comes in. Maybe we are choosing to embrace the use of fear based protections of unknown or unwanted energy which might try to invade the OMNI. If we choose to stand in fear behind the mirror we cannot show or see our reflection. The bravura fact is that while we are hiding on the back side, the shiny OMNI side still exist we just do not get to enjoy its brilliance.

We have to boldly stand in front of the mirror to witness our reflection in the eyes of our creator and to see the refraction of the OMNI light. By doing so we invite others to join us in seeing who they truly are. We are all flawless and magnificent beings. We can only shine when we let go of the fear and see who we really are, a perfect reflection of our Source.

I stand before the mirror, in my knowing that there is NO-thing or NO-one who can amplify or decrease the Perfection of my Source. See there is nothing to be afraid of OMNI has our back. Here's Lookin At You!!


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