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The "It" Factor - A Letter to The Physicians, Nurses, Therapist and Providers of the Heali

Today I became brave enough to write this letter. It has taken me awhile to come to a place of personal power which affords me the ability to share with you my story. I am grateful that you have taken the time to read my simple words.

You are receiving this letter today because we have worked together in some capacity in the healthcare industry. For some of you it has been awhile since we have spoken and for others it may have been only yesterday. I hope you at least get a chuckle out of the words I am about to share.

About 3 years ago my life permanently changed. I was not diagnosed with a disease, I did not lose a loved one, no tragedies to report. In fact my life was going along in an incredibly normal mundane manner. Then it happened, I was given a mandate. I cannot tell you the source of this mandate but I can tell you it was given to me in an extremely powerful and profound way. What was given to me as a powerful directive was “Heal the Healer”. You may ask as, I have a million times, what in the world does that mean? I will try and explain to you the understanding which has slowly unfolded for me. At first I completely rejected the idea. Who was I? I worked for, supported, managed and/or was treated by physicians, nurses or providers of the healing arts. What could I offer to any of you? As I deliberated over such thoughts I began to understand a few things.

First, was that I stepped into a career of Medical Practice Management because I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I did not grow up thinking or saying “I want to do or be that”. On the other hand I make the assumption that most of you did grow up knowing what you wanted to be. You studied and worked very hard to be the “healers” that you are today.

Second, was that I did not follow my childhood dreams or passions. When I was young I thought that I was going to be a Catholic Nun or a mental health therapist. These professions would have served me well. But my source had a different path for me to take to arrive at my life purpose.

Third, I was placed in your life or you were placed in mine for a purpose. As an employee of physicians I supported you to do the work you needed to do. I loved and cared for the patients and practices that I managed for you. As a supervisor of nurses, physicians, therapists and support staff I supported you to do the work that you needed to do, to care for the patients or clients. I have often been referred to as the Mamma bear of many a practice; loving and caring for all and I have been known to be a powerful patient advocate. Interesting enough I have been both a spiritual guide and therapist to several of you. (Funny how that works)

My final realization was, “Healers” tend to not be so good at self-care. You give your heart and soul to others, often depleting yourselves. So the idea of “Heal the Healer” began to resonate with me.

Once the mandate was given to me, even though I rejected it, my life path began to change. I call that time the duality of Ginger. On one side I remained a focused administrator, but there was another side of me that began to expand. Through that expansion I began to study alternative healing modalities. I was certified in a few different methods but was unable to act upon my new knowledge. The administrative side of me was riddle with the fear that I may cause someone injury. I had such an integral part of holding all risks at bay in the practices I worked in, that I could not move forward in becoming a Healer. These modalities followed similar protocols to what you do today. Triage, Intake, Examine, Diagnose and Treatment.

Then my world was rocked by a process referred to as The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing. The purpose of my letter is to introduce you to a new expansive idea. No I am not selling you a time share and this is not a multilevel marketing scheme. What it might look like at first glimpse is quackery. Again I beg you to stick with me for a moment longer.

I am convinced that your work could be amplified by the energies (frequency if you will) of The Reconnection. Ok, I hear you! You are thinking or actually saying out loud “what in the world is she talking about”. Before you sign a petition to institutionalize me, stop and think for a moment. Can you name an acclaimed individual who has greatly contributed to a significant positive change in our world, who has not mentioned a divine intervention, divine knowledge, an inner knowing, a voice or an understanding beyond this world that led to many of their discoveries or inventions? I believe in all significant discoveries there is always the “IT” factor. Something that wakes you up in the middle of the night with the knowledge you have been searching for. There are individuals who have come into this plain of time and space with that connection. For most of us there is a disconnect. Why is there “a disconnect”? I do not know. But I do know for a fact, that my Reconnection and the Reconnection of several people I know have dramatically sent them on the express train to their life purpose. I’m not saying that if you pursued this that you would discover a new color, a cure or a way to teleport, though you may. I am saying that I am sure that your healing can become more in alignment with the “IT” factor which interns amplifies it. This may just be what Heal the Healer meant.

The premise of The Reconnection process is that our meridian lines (acupuncture lines) were intended to be energetically connected to the lay lines of the planet and then connected to the universal grid lines. 50 years ago this would have been considered hogwash or hippie skippy stuff. But the field of Quantum Physics is begging us to reconsider our antiquated ideas and ideals. You all know that I am not scientific in any stretch of the imagination. So I struggle to give you the scientific data, but it is available. What I can give you is my life experience and the life experiences of those who I have witnessed. There is something really powerful here and I want you to dare to consider the possibilities.

Ok, you made it to the end of this letter. I want you to know that I did not write to you to obtain more clients, to pad my referral list or to snag you into this idea. If you do not contact me regarding this I don’t mind. I simply want to follow my mandate or better said Life Purpose of “Heal the Healer”.

My deepest desire is that I have planted a teeny tiny seed of interest. I challenge you to look it up, take off the skepticism shades that may cover your eyes, what if I am right, what if there is more to this universe than we have been led to believe. What I really want is for you to pursue a Reconnection or experience Reconnective Healing from anyone who is certified. If you get to the point of asking god Google what is The Reconnection and who is Dr. Eric Pearl. Your thoughts might be “Oh My Goodness” this cannot be legitimate”. Don’t judge a book by the cover or the source in which the universe has chosen to present this information. Push through judgment and read his book or better yet, just go do it. What can you lose?

The Reconnection is a simple process done over two consecutive days in two sessions lasting about 45 minutes each. The outcome last a life time.

Reconnective Healing is done in person or distance. The session last approximately 30-40 minutes.

For additional information you can visit my web-site or

I remain honored and blessed,

Virginia “Ginger” Adams

(you may have known me as Echeverria)

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