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Hidden Messages - Vanity the Tragic Flaw

Yesterday was one of those days where I had the pleasure of wearing all of my hats. Currently, I am juggling several very different aspects of my gifts via several very different kinds of work. For instance, yesterday after some quiet prayer and meditation, I spent the morning, which means 5:00 a.m. until noon working on my Administrative Consulting work (lots of numbers and such), and then I moved into the promotion of my Healing Practice and it's events. During that same time I also handled a call from a very distressed woman, who had found my number and wanted to talk about her experiences with another healing practitioner. I had to use several of my de-escalation techniques to gently sooth her fear and end that call. My next hat switch, was to prepare for my Reconnection client who was schedule for later that day and finally to make preparations for attending a teaching circle where my daughter and I were going to promote our upcoming event. After a hot detox bath, I once again sat in quiet prayer preparing for the evening. I grab yet another hat, left my house around 3 p.m. and I was off to the races. Even trying to write all of this in an organized fashion is challenging enough, let alone the act of living it.

When my energy is at this high alert and focused level, the messages from beyond tend to come in very strong. Kind of like, I hear them saying……. Ah So You Wanna Play, Do YOU? If you have been reading any of my articles or blogs you know that many of my messages or spiritual encounters come to me via the letters on vanity license plates and/or the numbers on regular license plates. Sometimes the messages come in so fast and furious it is hard for me to collect, interpret and understand the meaning. This happened to be the case during my drive to meet my client yesterday. So I just took note of what I was seeing in hopes of finding understanding in a more quiet safe place. In rapid procession I got the following license plates Hamartia, Bison, Sz T D. Then later I received the number 2411 (actually two vehicles driving side by side had the same number sequence) and then the final doozie was Ya Haftz!

So what did that all mean? It has taken a very long time for me to understand that each word, symbol and/or number is a clue. It is the way that my Spirit Guides, Source, God, Angels, Sister, Mom, Dad talk to me. Why have they chosen this manner to communicate to me? I don’t think they chose it, I think I actually chose this manner. Here is another way “woo woo” thought. Somewhere in my knowing, I also am beginning to understand that these communications are from a higher aspect of me, speaking to me. Kind of like a future me leaving bread crumbs to follow back to my source, back to what I understand to be God. This concept is explored in A Course In Miracles, and it has begun to really make sense to me.

So what did that all mean? I have a friend who has spent her whole life seeing and understanding symbols. It is part of the work that she does. She has cultivated an internal data base of understanding from various sources and the spirit realm. Like, what do specific colors, animal totems, numbers, signs and symbols symbolize. She does not have to run to god Google to search for the answers, after years of experience, she just knows. For me it does not work that way. For some signs, numbers and symbols I instantly know what there meaning is in that moment, but in most cases, I have to resort back to modern technology and do searches. Sometimes the license plates talk to me in other languages so I really have to do my research.

OK OK So what did that all mean?

Hamartia – in literature means “tragic flaw”, it is from the greek word hamartánein, which means "to miss the mark" or "to err". (Ah we have seen that before, doesn’t the word sin mean to miss the mark?)

Hamartia as it pertains to dramatic literature was first used by Aristotle in his Poetics. In tragedy, hamartia is commonly understood to refer to the protagonist’s error or tragic flaw that leads to a chain of plot actions culminating in a reversal of their good fortune to bad.

What qualifies as the error or flaw can include an error resulting from ignorance, an error of judgement, a flaw in character, or a wrongdoing. The spectrum of meanings has invited debate among critics and scholars and different interpretations among dramatists.In his introduction to the S. H. Butcher translation of Poetics, Francis Fergusson describes hamartia as the inner quality that initiates, as in Dante's words, a "movement of spirit" within the protagonist to commit actions which drive the plot towards its tragic end, inspiring in the audience a build of pity and fear that leads to a purgation of those emotions, or catharsis.

Sz T D – Seize the day, but what it meant for me was “Susie today”. Susie is my sister who transitioned a long time ago. She speaks to me via License Plates and is my connection to my extended family. She feeds me information regarding them and for them. She is steadfast at putting up warning signals and guiding sign post. So Susie was saying Seize the Day and I am here involved in this rapid fire messages and your guides applaud your work. A kind of “Go Get’em Tiger”. Carpe diem -virginia adams' mind

2411– I saw this double number after my daughter got into the car with me. I believe we saw it x2 because the number has a message for me and yet another message for her.

Angel Number 2411 also encourages you to be open to new opportunities presenting for you in the near future. If you are able to release that ‘stuck’ feeling in your professional or personal life, wonderful new opportunities will appear right in front of you. Now is the perfect time to take full advantage of what you have already learned in all aspects and move forward to a more secure, comfortable and content life.

Her part was: Angel Number 2411 suggests that if you are going through a difficult and/or trying situation at the moment, be patient and trust that all will work out for your highest good. Take your next steps with caution and consideration and expect good results and outcomes. Be assured that the angels are busily working behind the scenes and certain factors need to fall into place before your desired outcome/s can be reached. There is nothing holding you back or blocking you from attaining your goal and/or desire, so show patience and feel gratitude for miraculous solutions to appear in your life as your positive beliefs and faith in the Divine creates favorable results and outcomes. Be prepared to work through some issues ahead, but know that it will make you stronger, wiser and more resilient than ever.

Ya Hafiz - It comes from the verb ‘hifz – to preserve’ and literally means ‘to preserve, to guard and to protect .

Today, during my morning meditation I pondered the word "hamartia". I was searching for what might be my tragic flaw and/or why I received this word. I know that ultimately there is nothing that can be my downfall or separation from source. I am aware that I may embody an earthly aspect or tendency which could create an illusion of something being my spiritual demise, but it is just that "an illusion". Then it HIT me, these are messages via VANITY plates. Hahahahaha VANITY is always the hamartia, the tragic flaw, what leads us to miss the mark. Good one guides, love your creative humor. It was good enough that it made me jump off the couch, abandon my coffee and blanket and start researching and writing this article.

So let’s continue, Bison –it is through humble acknowledgement, gratitude and the knowing that I am just a vehicle, the conduit of my source that my perfection and magnificence can be expressed. Through my quiet prayer and adoration I will find abundance in every aspect of my life. Gratitude!

Sz T D – I am asked to seize the day, these opportunities, to acknowledge and be open to my inner guidance and knowing. To trust that I am being guided and watched over at all times. Gratitude!

2411 – Do not doubt, know that these new opportunities are in alignment with your higher calling, do not let the world or your ego get in the way. Trust that you have all that you need. Gratitude!

Ya Hafiz - Confirmation of spirit, of your gifts, of your knowing. Last night as my daughter and I prepared to leave the facility where the teaching circle was held, we stopped and said our good byes to the executive director of the facility. She had been one of the facilitator/teachers of the circle and we were discussing how the evening had went and what we had learned. One of the last things I said to her was that my daughter and I had seen an entity hovering behind the other teacher. I described it to be a dark figure, large in stature with a strange hat similar to a flattened top hat. I continued to say that I see things but I don’t know what they mean. She asked, If you did know what would it be? I thought for a moment and I said, it felt like a guardian, a body guard or an enforcer of some kind. We all laughed and said; whoa she has her own spiritual body guard watching over her. My daughter and I loaded up our gear in my car and left for home. Just moments later we saw the license plate, which confirmed my knowing. Gratitude!

----Here is another aside. This particular person has a long standing relationship with the founder of a life changing seminar that my daughter and I have both attended. During the short conversation mentioned above we briefly spoke of her and her late husband. When I attended one of the seminars, a sticker with the phrase "Carpe diem" was stuck to my notebook. Someone else may have been playing with my license plates. Just sayin!

For me the beautiful hidden messages of yesterday were; When I am strongly planted in the loving frequency of my source, my God, I function from the place of my higher knowing. While in this space the vanity of my ego has no bearing. Through quiet prayer and meditation I strengthen my connection, through humble gratitude for all, I strengthen my connection, through acting on the guidance of Spirit, I strengthen my connection and finally by being in service and spreading the frequency of love, I strengthen my connection.

So now it’s time for me take off the writers hat and to put on a different one. I stand, showered in the luminous light of Gratitude, Abundance, and in the Knowing that all is well. We have all been given the tools to avoid ego’s hamartia. Follow your inner knowing, your higher self, your guides and your source. You are always protected by the enforcer of the vibration of Love.

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