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The Blame Game - My Shadow self and I

Only through the embracing of my shadow self will I become whole.

There is nothing like sitting with extended family for a lengthy span of time to get my victim mentality juices running. It never seems to fail. As far back as I can remember, I have had these same internal feelings. I see/feel my little girl self, sitting on the living room floor coloring, as I listened to the Thanksgiving Day banter of my family as they gathered; the churning of the negative feelings of blame running through my veins. Of course at that time I didn’t know what I was feeling, I just knew that I felt uncomfortable and it seemed to be “their” fault. The difference now is that I am no longer unconsciously participating, I am quite aware of the effects that blame has on my mind, body and energy field. This week as my shadow (self) and I sat interacting with extended family I was prompted to dive deep and take a look at how Blame has affected me, my loved ones and the world.

Blame is one of the most dis-empowering attitudes we can hold. The deeper we are engulfed in blame, the more powerless we become. When we blame someone or something outside ourselves we give away our power and move into a victim mentality. The very thing that may have caused the blame….you hurt me because of this or that continues to strip us of our power as long as we are dwelling in the energy of blame. Somehow the warped notion that if we throw blame at someone or something we are hurting them and simultaneously protecting ourselves is a common misnomer. An attitude of blame will never get us what we want nor will it heal our emotional pain or empower us. Furthermore, long term blame is very destructive and toxic to our peace of mind and physical health and well-being.

So how do we step out of a victim mentality and into a place of peace and love?

Forgiveness ends all suffering and loss. –A Course in Miracles Lesson 249

It is only through a heart of forgiveness that I can begin to dissolve, clear and release all my conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings of blame. It is through forgiveness that I begin to see all the ways that I am holding on to blame. Forgiveness of others and myself exposes, clears and releases the deep seeded and rooted ways that I am holding on to blame. I will no longer be consumed with the need to blame when I embrace a heart of compassion and forgiveness. The embodiment of blame will be disintegrated from my physical and energy body through the power of forgiveness. My hardened heart, emotions and energetic calcifications will be cleared and released through my forgiveness. My consuming need to point my finger outwardly will be softened and my ability to turn inward will be transformed through forgiveness. My inner and outer life will no longer be directed by blame when I walk in forgiveness. I will clear all ways that my blame is toxic to my body mind and spirit. Through forgiveness the pain and dis-ease which may dwell in my body, caused by blame will be healed and released. Through forgiveness I am able to stop wounding myself with my blaming attitude. When I forgive myself and others I am able to let go of all the ways I am still holding on to this blame even though it helps no one. Forgiveness will lead me to no longer fear the letting go of blame. Eyes of forgiveness and compassion will show me that my blame and blaming attitude has never been justified. I am safe, I know that my blame or lack of blame does not justify what “They” did, only forgiveness can wash away and change outcomes. My new companions, forgiveness and compassion will remind me that my blame only hurts me and not who or what I blame. I am ready now to let go of the poison we call BLAME.

I clear heal and release any and all blame and aspects of blame that I have been holding in mind, body and energy field. I now feel the immense power of the letting go of blame. I now empower myself and my choices. I now choose to forgive myself. I now choose peace. I now choose to feel peaceful and calm. I know that I am safe. I allow myself to soften and relax. I am compassionate with myself. I give myself and the world the gift of forgiveness. I choose to be calm and serene. I choose to free myself from all thoughts and feelings of blame and regret. I forgive myself and take back my power. Peace, Love and Forgiveness are the gifts I give myself and the world. I am free from the attitude of blame. I am comforted relaxed and reassured. I am calm and centered. I embrace the energy of forgiveness and compassion.

When I stand in my power, washed of all guilt and blame I am shown that this world and all of its pain and suffering are just an illusion to be lost in. When it is all said and done, we will remember that we are whole, perfect and complete. We are worthy of love, we are worthy of compassion and we are worthy of forgiveness. The only thing to forgive is that for a nanosecond we believed that we were somehow disconnected from our creator. It is time to wake up now, to remember who we truly are, to remember that we are all ONE with our Creator and ONE with all.

I am Peace

I am Love

All is Well

BTW all of those modes of protecting myself from the so called evils of the world is a part of the BLAME GAME. Look closely, if I think there is an outside influence that has the potential to damage, harm or affect me then I would need protection. When I understand that there is nothing "NO-THING" that can change who I tr

uly am then I release the illusion of my need to be protected. ENVY one of the deadly sins is only the illusion of separatism. What I have is yours and what you have is mine because the only thing real is LOVE.

I feel the Love of God within me now. – A Course in Miracles Lesson 189

……..This is the world the Love of God reveals. It is so different from the world you see through darkened eyes of malice and of fear, that one belies the other. Only one can be perceived at all. The other one is wholly meaningless. A world in which forgiveness shines on everything, and peace offers its gentle light to everyone, is inconceivable to those who see a world of hatred rising from attack, poised to avenge, to murder and destroy.

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