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Crazy Like a Fox - Please Don't Leave Me Mr. Dyson

I have decided to start this blog with the punch line. There are some people who may say I am a little insane, but I want to tell you that yesterday I healed my 19+ year old Dyson vacuum cleaner by surrounding it with immense gratitude. The crazy part is that I didn’t know I was healing it. This "healing" has turned out to be a huge lesson in the power of gratitude.

About one month ago, my husband announced that the vacuum cleaner was broken. He had been using it and the powered brush had stopped working, rendering it not useful for vacuuming carpets and rugs. After tinkering with and cleaning it, he had determined that he was unable to fix the device. I found myself heartbroken by the news.

I have to admit that I was a little taken aback by my reaction to the news. A heartbroken feeling for an object felt surreal. This has not always been the case. I am sure my children could tell you a tale or two about me completely losing my temper over a broken thing or two. At this time in my life I really don’t have much attachment to objects, so feeling this way was interesting to observe. Now, I have to ask myself if spending the last month reminiscing about a 19+ year relationship with a vacuum is “normal”? Is mourning the loss of an inanimate object a sign of imbalance?

You see, I simply love that vacuum. It was one of the original Dyson Vacuums to hit the US market. In fact I was dumbfounded to realize that I have had it in my possession for nearly 20 years. Such a deep love and respect for all of the support this mighty machine has shown has washed over me. This awesome piece of equipment has held its own for 2 decades of my life. It has moved 4 times with me, it saw me through some really rough patches and reminded me to stand “upright” as I did. What a perfect partner in cleaning it has been.

As I contemplated the loss and what I should do, I looked into purchasing a new one and how much it would cost to possibly fix this one. I found myself a tad paralyzed by both prospects. I knew that I didn’t want to buy a new vacuum. I liked this one; I didn’t want to lose this one. So I just kept remembering how much I loved that machine. I am not talking about a romantic love, but a respect kind of love. I guess a better phrase would be that I truly honor this piece of equipment. I am so very grateful for the technology behind its power, the quality of craftsmanship of its design and the durability of its structure. This machine has suctioned up TONS of dog and human hair over the past 19+ years, never failing our family in any way shape or form.

This thought process has gone on for the past month, as if I was having my own private memorial service for the Dyson. My unique mind even was contemplating writing an obituary to my Mr. Dyson. In fact the original draft for this blog was just that, I was preparing to say goodbye, to fully embrace the loss, but I wanted to do so with a note of IMMENSE GRATITUDE. As I observed my thoughts and emotions, I found it a bit curious that I wasn’t sad or mournful in a so called normal manner, I truly found myself immersed in a vibration of gratitude for what I had experienced through the ownership of this machine.

Yesterday, I thought, that machine still has amazing suction, so at least I can sweep the non-carpeted areas of the house. As I pulled the Dyson out of its home in the coat closet and started sweeping the floors, I once again found myself remembering our time together with deep gratitude. Thinking about how awesome and how long this machine had functioned at such a high level. Then poof! The "broken" motor started and the brush began spinning, yes, Mr. Dyson came back to life! Yipee, I was thrilled, running around vacuuming all of the carpeted areas of the house.

What happened, how did this seemingly broken machine come back to life? As my niece pointed out, I was not even trying to FIX(heal) it with love and appreciation, but that I was just feeling genuine love and appreciation with no agenda. In fact I still saw the machine as whole and perfect.

So, there you have it folks, it has been determined that I am crazy like a fox.

My lesson is to simply immerse myself in the feeling (vibration) of immense gratitude in all situations and aspects of my life and to see all as whole and perfect. I then can stand in the Knowing that a miracle is only a feeling away.

Alrighty then, I’m off to sit and contemplate on how much I honor and love my family, my friends, my health, my home, my work, my writing, my art, my clients, my finances, my struggles, my triumphs, my dog, my LIFE. Today I will reside in the vibration of immense gratitude for all.

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